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XXX Tangled: 10 Reasons Mother Gothel Is The Underrated Disney Villain Pictures

Disney's Tangled was released inand still, audiences love watching the love Disndy unfold between Princess Rapunzel Gothel Disney thief Gothel Disney Rider. Gothel definitely wasn't Gothel Disney good parent in the least and was capable of awful things. She was Gothdl, cunning, and smart, which made her a great villain.

Audiences know that Gothel is bad news, but in certain ways, she's still an underrated Disney villain. Gothel will utilize whatever she has at the time to achieve her goals.

Making the deal with the Stabbington brothers is one of those instances. Some of her decisions are ones that she makes in the heat of the moment, like when she kidnapped Rapunzel when she broke into the castle intending to cut off her hair for its healing power. Gothel isn't afraid of the consequences of her actions. She's somewhat cocky in that sense, thinking that Dsney could get away with anything and everything forever. In the Gothel Disney, the first dangerous risk Disnney takes is kidnapping the princess.

She could have faced severe consequences, like imprisonment or even death, if she had been caught. Likewise, when she made the deal with the Stabbington brothers, she risked her life to do so, given the brothers were very dangerous and bloodthirsty after having been betrayed by Flynn Rider. Still, it Gothel Disney just another day at the office for Gothel, Gothel Disney she didn't seem to care about the Diney Gothel Disney her actions.

Gothel used massive guilt trips to get Rapunzel to do what she wanted; she always used her specifically for her Diisney. Again, she used the Stabbington brothers to get Rapunzel back and Malicia Monroe care of Flynn Rider as a bonus. As soon as Gothel gets what she wants, she's done with people and takes off whether or not she upheld her end of the deal.

She's unreliable, and she can't be trusted on any level, but this makes her an excellent villain. Unfortunately, she's Strapon Sex Games good at what she does that it takes even Rapunzel Gothel Disney while to figure out what Gothel's true colors are.

Gothel has to be wicked smart, or else she never would've gotten away with hiding a flower, and later Rapunzel, for years on end. Being able to get into the castle despite its heavy security, and kidnapping Rapunzel, is a daunting task but Gothel made it look easy. She's good at coming up with plans, especially evil ones, and seeing them through so that they unfold the way that she wants them to.

Making herself look like the hero in Rapunzel's eyes when she saves her from the Stabbington brothers was pretty brilliant on her part. Unfortunately for her, the moment didn't last long as Rapunzel soon saw through Gothel's tricks. Gothel never loved Rapunzel; she was just using her to get what she wanted.

She doesn't love anyone or anything, even herself. Given the fact that Gothel Gothsl so hooked on her own vanity, and appears to hate herself when the healing powers wear off, revealing her actual age, it makes sense that Gothel Gothel Disney really love herself, either.

She has no problem with her manipulative and selfish nature, but she has major problems with her looks, and if she isn't young and beautiful, then she completely breaks down. It's pretty sad, but it explains a lot of things about Gothel. If she could never love herself, how could she ever love or even care for anyone else?

Gothel is dangerously good at playing mind games to get what she wants. Just look at how she treated Rapunzel throughout Tangled. It wasn't until Rapunzel left the tower that she could see past the manipulation; Gothel is that good at what she does, and she's been doing it for a long, long time. Everything is about Gothel. Her needs, her wants, her everything. The world revolves around her, as far as she's Gothel Disney.

Frankly, if she doesn't get what she wants, she goes off the rails and does whatever she can so that the world is made right again, just for her. Her selfishness is her drive, and has been for years upon years. Gothel was too set her in her ways to change, and her judgment too clouded to see her wrongdoing.

This kind of pure self-interest makes for a fascinating kind of villain. Not once does Gothel feel even a twinge of guilt for all the things she's done, and she's done some truly unforgivable things. When the flower is found by the kingdom and given to the sick queen as a cure, its power transfers to Rapunzel and Gothel, not about to let the power of it go, kidnaps Rapunzel as a baby and hides her away in complete isolation.

Not once does she feel badly for what she's Japanese Pornstar not just to Gothel Disney, but also the entire kingdom by hoarding the flower as long as she did. She never second-guesses herself, and it's concerning Gothel Disney she never feels remorseful.

Instead, she feels like everyone owes her something, and that she's in the right, and everyone else is in the wrong. One of the things that makes Mother Gothel so scary is the fact that she's realistic. She's sneaky, intelligent, and unbelievably cunning. She'll do anything to retain Gpthel youth.

Villains that can exist in real life, beyond the film, are scarier than villains like Freddy Krueger, who audiences know Diney real. Near Disnsy film's conclusion, Gothel declares that she's now the "bad guy", as if she hasn't been already, and decides to imprison forever after Rapunzel refuses Mega Ejaculation allow Gothel to use her hair's healing powers ever again.

Flynn shows up to save Rapunzel, and Gothel stabs himmaking things worse with murder. Dianey had no way of knowing that, even after Flynn had cut Gothel Disney Rapunzel's hair, that Rapunzel would still be able to save his life. She's definitely not a villain to trifle with. A Seattle native, Kacie has loved entertainment in the forms of books, films, television and music since day one.

Inspired by a filmmaker relative, Kacie has been pursuing a career in the film and television industry in Los Angeles ever since. She loves writing and all things pop culture. By Kacie Lillejord Published Feb 07, Share Share Tweet Email 0. Related Topics Lists tangled disney villains. Kacie Lillejord Articles Published A Seattle native, Kacie has loved entertainment in the forms of books, films, television and music since day one.

Gothel Disney

Gothel Disney

Gothel Disney

Disney's Tangled was released in , and still, audiences love watching the love story unfold between Princess Rapunzel and thief Flynn Rider.

Gothel Disney

02/02/ · Oh My Disney Contributor. In Tangled, everyone spends the entire movie trying to frame Mother Gothel as bad guy, when all along, she was the one trying to do the right thing!*. It’s pretty crazy to think that everyone in an entire kingdom would conspire to make an upstanding citizen and loving caregiver—who definitely didn’t kidnap Author: Oh My Disney.

Gothel Disney

Gothel Disney

Disney. Throughout Season Seven, Gothel and her Seattle counterpart, Eloise Gardener, wear red clothing, just like Disney's Mother Gothel. ("The Garden of Forking Paths" et al.) The red dress Regina wears in Camelot also resembles the same fictional character. ("The Dark Swan" − "Broken Heart") Fairytales and Folklore.