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Black Sails Xxxi

Black Sails Xxxi

Black Sails Xxxi

Black Sails Xxxi

Black Sails Xxxi

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Sign In. Hide Spoilers. Black Sails once again gives Game of Thrones a run for its Blonde Model in one of the show's best episodes to date. The writing is Shakespearean-esque, and equates to watching a novel in the form of a top production TV show.

I can't help but question the writers' decision in offing a major character so early in the season; it will be interesting to see how things play out after a somewhat underwhelming start. XXXI is a gem by itself however; one of the series' best offerings thus far.

Onward we sail Ignore the pretentious history buffs. This is not a documentary, nor does it proclaim itself to be. Stop picking your noses. Black Sails Xxxi this review helpful? Sign in to vote. Black Sails manages each season to get better and better. SPOILERS - The stakes are set high, and in 4x03 one of the major stakes loses its head, just not the head many viewers and pirates have been demanding.

Teach's death did not come too early. It propels the plot of Jack, Anne and Woodes forward as well as their characterization. Season 4 is not about vengeance for Vane, but the ending story lines of the remaining pirates, citizens and Nassau. The keelhauling was brutal, well built up and made me shiver and cringe, while giving the "last laugh" to Teach. Secondly, the fact that Maynard threw the headless body of Teach overboard begs the question what reason Maynard had for doing this.

The claim of 20 cuts and 5 shots comes from Maynard, after he allegedly examined the body. Firstly, it is possible that many of those cuts and shots were inflicted on Teach after death. So, the historical "facts" may not be so factual after all. And then there is the legend of his headless body swimming Black Sails Xxxi around Maynard's sloop. This does 90s Porn like an echo of keelhauling, and if Teach was indeed keelhauled then Maynard had plenty of motive to rid himself of the body afterwards and only keep the head for identification.

As for Woodes Rogers: I would not call him a failure, when he historically managed to prevent the pirates from ever re-taking Nassau, while a third of his forces succumbed to disease, the Navy deserted him and he had to take on personal loans to keep Nassau going. He also effectively repelled a Spanish invasion attempt. After the several HMS ships that had accompanied him to Nassau sailed off to New York, Hildesley arrived with the HMS Flamborough in Nassau to have repairs done to it, pretty much acting like a potentate and abusing the Nassau workers.

Hildesley was also completely unwilling to remain and protect Nassau against Spain or pirates. Woodes went to Charleston to recuperate from illness, where he mete Hildesley again and the men dueled.

When Hildesley returned to London he portrayed Woodes disfavorably to defend his own choices and destroyed Woodes' reputation. The book was a piece of propaganda that bombarded Woodes back to national hero status, and the king appointed him governor of Nassau again and gave him back-pension even for the years spent in debtor's jail in other words - the king believe Woodes Jonna Sex been wrongly used. Woodes was to be governor for life of Nassau.

His second term was a peaceful and successful one. He died however, four years later of illness. And I would not call a man a failure for dying from say typhoid or malaria, not in those Black Sails Xxxi. He is also the man who originated the universal pardon plan, and tested the willingness of pirates to accept a king's pardon at Madagascar in The East Indy Company however preferred pirates on Madagascar than a company that might infringe on their monopoly.

So, he executed the plan in Nassau. It is likely that Teach wanted to capture Woodes alive, and force Nassau forces to exchange Eleanor for Woodes. This would explain the way he boarded Woodes' ship. He always underestimated Woodes' personality. With Anne captured as well, Jack likely believed that surrendering was the best option to keep as many of their crew alive.

He would also have expected Woodes to take them to Nassau and treat them well enough, giving Teach, Anne and him ample time to plan a take-over. He did not expect Woodes to keelhaul Teach. So, what Jack chose to do, was very logical from his POV. Yet, it surprised Woodes just as much, when Rackham struck the colors. The dialog between Woodes Rogers and Capt. Berringer were amazing. The Governor's speech about what he did to the crew of the ship that killed his brother was so intense.

Another scene that needs to be mentioned is the last one: the battle for Nassau. The Black Sails Xxxi was amazing and Hands showed how brutal he can be.

Incredibly powerful episode, one of the best of the show. It's absolutely abhorrent, appallingly bad writing. Jack stayed on the man of war with the gun crew. When he sees that teach and Black Sails Xxxi have been captured, they raise the white flag.

This is presumably a temporary truce as both sides have considerable leverage over each other one has the pirate leader and other captives, the other has an enormously powerful war ship that can blow the other to pieces at any time.

This should have meant a stalemate until the two sides could figure out how to get past it. This seems to have been done for no reason except some wet dream fantasy the show writers had to use this as an opportunity to show off how brutal the governor can be Aql0 65 keelhauls Teach three times before executing the barely alive pirate captain with a pistol.

However, the way it was written, completely undermined any emotion and suspension of disbelief I had toward the episode. I am referring to the naval battle between Blackbeard's crew and the Governor's forces and Blackbeard's subsequent torture and death in the aftermath.

Blackbeard then leads a boarding party to finish Teen Anal Cam Governor while Rackham and the rest of the crew stay behind their warship away from any danger posed by the enemy ship while maintaining firing distance from their position. However, in Phorno the next few scenes, Rackham with no apparent motive or reasoning surrenders his much superior position and crew to be boarded and arrested by the Governor, when he could have easily destroyed the enemy ship from a safe distance.

Blackbeard is attached to a rope and the governor's men drag him below the ship's hull as his body is lacerated by the razor sharp barnacles located their. So, what was the Black Sails Xxxi of Jack Rackham's surrender again? You can say he wanted to save Blackbeard but he ended up dying any way. You can also say if he bombarded the Governor's ship Blackbeard would have died in the crossfire. This is true but at least he wouldn't have suffered from being torn to shreds and the Governor would have been dead which was the entire point of the battle anyway.

Keep in mind I'm not criticizing the death scene. In fact I'm all one if it serves the plot. However, the setup towards this one was extremely stupid and not well thought of. I did not believe the show could get any worse than the first two episodes of season 4, but I was wrong. Episode 3 established a new low. The writers seem to be going through the motions as they present absurd, implausible situations in an attempt to build false tension.

The ridiculous situations presented in the show are insulting. Woodes Rogers is depicted as some sort of superman when in reality he was a failure during his two terms as governor.

His first term ended with his arrest and imprisonment, and he became ill and died shortly after he returned for a second term. His meeting with Blackbeard was inane since the two never met in Black Sails Xxxi life. While I understand this is a work of fiction, when you incorporate real people in the plot some attempt at historical accuracy should be done.

I enjoyed the first three seasons of Black Sails, but I will not be watching any longer. This episode was the end. Black Sails Xxxi is in desperate situation, he is on small ship in bad state but he managed to capture the captain.

Of course, he can not kill the captain or else Jack will sink his ship down. Only hope for Sexy Stepmom would be to negotiate with Jack that he allows him to return to port with captain as prisoner. On other side there is Jack, intelligent character, I was curious to see how negotiations will look like. In place of that, in next scene governor is controlling both ships with some sort of sorcery, and he is torturing prisoners. It does not make any sense.

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Black Sails Xxxi

Black Sails Xxxi

Sign In. Hide Spoilers. Black Sails once again gives Game of Thrones a run for its money in one of the show's best episodes to date.

Black Sails Xxxi

The episode begins in darkness and a sense of foreboding. Before his departure for Port Royal, Captain Berringer assured Woodes Rogers that even good men must sometime walk a very dark path. Rogers relates the story of the tragic death of his brother, and the brutal revenge he took on 73 men, one of whom was responsible.

Black Sails Xxxi

Black Sails Xxxi

Black Sails Xxxi

Black Sails Xxxi

Black Sails Xxxi

XXXI.: Directed by Roel Reiné. With Toby Stephens, Hannah New, Luke Arnold, Jessica Parker Kennedy. Max runs afoul of the law. Rogers reckons with his past. Flint and Madi reach an understanding. Long John Silver makes his return.

Max runs afoul of the law. Rogers reckons with his past. Flint and Madi reach an understanding. Long John Silver makes his return. Sign In. Black Sails.