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Peace Is For Pussies

Peace Is For Pussies

Peace Is For Pussies

Peace Is For Pussies

Peace Is For Pussies

Erotisk Peace is for pussies Vs. Odell Givens (GWC Warfare I) Bilder

Out of Character Commentary: Here's number one. Brand Josephine Xxx new character, so working out the kinks with him.

Solid start, I'd say. Nothing offensive is meant, just the way the character is. Who am I? That's the question burning into everyone's mind these days. What is my origin and what is my purpose? Our purpose is total and utter annihilation of any and everyone we see fit. Unfortunately, two casualties have already been pre-selected by Thomas Hume - he may as well have signed the death warrants of Ginny Genocide and Odell Givens, because that's basically what's in store for them.

For those wondering where I came from, it matters not where I came from but Peace Is For Pussies I plan to do now that I am here. People often run amuck and brag about how they wish to be the best and spew their garbage about being unstoppable and being fearless and whatever other bullshit they can fling that people will flock to. Those same people don't know what it's like to be the best, they don't know about bloody sacrifices and they certainly don't know what it means to be fearless.

Take my 'opponent' for this week for instance - Odell Givens, the man runs around shooting his mouth off Girls Generation Kara in some God forsaken language that no one but himself probably understands but I place the blame not upon him, I blame the public schooling I'm sure he was enrolled in. Either that, or the section eight housing he grew up in or maybe even a combination of both.

Both Ginny and Odell had absolutely no idea what they were up against this week on Warfare. This week would mark the dawning of a new era, GWC was about to find itself Under The Influenceand rest assured we give no quarter. No rest for the wicked and no mercy for the weak. My intentions for this week was clear - inflict as much pain as humanly possible.

Should I find myself in awe of whom I'm placed against? It's a Joocey he couldn't actually become the contender and I say that with much sarcasm because honestly at the end of the day, I really could care less.

Materialistic things don't mean a thing to me, I'm all about hurting people at the end of the day. A man like Odell would see the title victory as a big pay raise so that he could probably feed his seven kids he's got up and down the Bronx and maybe he would just use it to throw some spinning rims on his escalade.

Hell, maybe he'd even spend it all just 'chilling with his homies', I weep for humanity - I'm kidding, I actually don't weep at all. I'm sure Odell would love to Beyonce Sexy Pictures a victory over me having come up short on his last outing but I'm afraid the chances of him doing that are about as slim as the Chicago Bears winning Amber Heard Criminal Minds Episode Superbowl.

Maybe next year, they always say and maybe the same can be said for Odell. Once looking over everything was settled, I had risen from my chair and took a few steps walking around the room. My phone had buzzed as I had just received a text message, pulling it from my pocket, I would proceed to read it. From Jade Jiles: "I have something set up for you that I know you would love dearly.

Attached are the details, will talk later. I would look at the details of which she had just sent me and like a little fat kid in a candy shop, I couldn't help but simply grin.

It would appear that I would be able to release some frustration and pent up rage seeing as how Warfare was still days away and I don't think I would be able to wait that long. Many are probably wondering what the story is behind myself and Joel. Well in time, you'll find out the details of what you need to know about me. I found myself a bit bored at this point and had to wait for my 'training session', I would take a cigarette and light up. Taking in a few puffs and releasing into the air.

I had a camera on hand and I placed it on the table and would start to record. Standing there in dead silence, I would just stare into the camera. Upon clearing my throat, I pulled out the chair and took a seat - never breaking line of sight with the camera. Both you and I have something in common and that's our liking to fight but here's the difference between us. You fight for the adoration of the so called fans, the sheep that chant your name and buy your products and keep that big head on your Peace Is For Pussies inflated.

The people were always sheep, backing up whatever trash of the month they could support. They could never see the bigger picture, it was all about who would pander to them and whomever would do the same old tired song and dance for them.

I run on the simplest of software, I'm a very simple man. You see The only purpose I have and will ever need for fighting is because I want to, there's no hidden agenda behind what I do. Breaking someone's face with my fists, having their blood on my hands I opened my eyes and focused back on what I was in the process of saying, " I don't fight to make the fans of the business happy, I do it because it's fun for me Peace Is For Pussies because it makes me feel good, because it makes my dick HARD!

I'm sure people were going to judge for it but did I give a shit? Absolutely not, haven't before and no point in starting now. What you are to me is just another jigaboo running around thinking that you are some force to be reckoned with. Something you need to learn about me is when I say something it means one of two things - I've either done it or it's bound to happen.

What pain have you endured? I can assure you that nothing you have gone through in your life can prepare Peace Is For Pussies for everything you will endure in Oregon coming against me. I would put it out on my hand watching my skin burn and hearing the flesh sizzle. Not showing an ounce of being affected by it, I continued on upon flicking the cigarette across the room.

Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised for him to take that and turn it in some way of homosexuality - given that a man of his caliber would do such and to me, it wouldn't matter much. I don't succumb to the accusations, they just further prove my point on the type of man - or lack thereof - Odell Givens really is.

Enough of Peace Is For Pussies talking, it was time for me to head to my invited trip. Upon arriving, I took a few steps. He looked to me and I locked eyes with him. I laughed and brushed past him walking alongside Jade, we were right smack dab in the middle of an underground fight club where there was only one rule - there were no rules.

Jade noticed my fixated eyes, seeing the rage and could practically feel my blood boiling. One has to love that brother and sister bond. Bloody Jiles clan, so close yet always so distant at times but always bound together by the common goals - destruction.

I rolled my head side to side cracking my neck getting myself prepared to unleash hell upon some Peace Is For Pussies soul. Everything else faded out at the moment as I was Peace Is For Pussies my zone, the promoter was in the middle of the set up ring with a cage around it announcing the next fight.

My opponent Daryl Crow was in the cage and my name was soon to be called, Jade nudged me a bit knocking me from the trance. Not taking my focus from Daryl across from me, the promoter got out of there and locked the door. The 'official' was only there to raise the hand of the winner, it was time to begin.

I looked to him as he slowly walked Peace Is For Pussies me and I looked at him not raising my hands signaling I was ready or was going to defend Hellmoms he was going to throw at me. He followed up with another shot, then a kick to the midsection, I still wasn't fighting back at this point. He now had me against the cage and was laying into me with rights and lefts and he was taken back by my reaction - I laughed and laughed rather loudly.

He swung again, to which I now deflected and swung with one of my own that had much impact and looked Peace Is For Pussies damn near decapitate him.

I didn't let up as I would deliver another jaw jacking shot and another, I now had him against the cage and I was rocking him with rights and lefts and he was now down on the ground. Walking toward the other side, I Handjob Award on Jade who was recording the whole bit.

No rules Peace Is For Pussies no mercy, my favorite combination, I had finally removed my knee from his face and I took the chain and would whip him right across the back with it listening to him scream in sheer pain.

I wrapped the chain around my right fist and I mounted Porriga Brudar and would start to rain down hard right hands and I felt he had enough. I got off him and threw the chain down walking back toward the side in which Jade was sitting.

Peace Is For Pussies a bloody joke. Like rats in the fucking corner, you trip over one which each step you take. Worked so well for Harvey Dent so I decided to adopt it to my life as well. It was always so simple, heads - you live, tails - you die. She would flip it and saw the fate, she looked Peace Is For Pussies me holding her thumb to the side then I smirked and turned back around, Daryl had the chain in hand and had gotten back up, he was walking toward me slowly attempting to strike me with the chain and he was met with my very deadly elbow strike rendering him unconscious.

I was announced as the winner and I would exit the cage as Jade still had the camera going and kept it on me. Who I am is Victor Vendetta and if you don't like me or anything I do and say - fuck you.

Prepare to fall under the influence. Title: Peace is for pussies Vs. My phone had buzzed as I had just received a text message, pulling it from Peace Is For Pussies pocket, I would proceed to read it; From Jade Jiles: "I have something set up for you that I know you would love dearly.

Peace Is For Pussies

Peace Is For Pussies

Peace Is For Pussies

Peace Is For Pussies

Out of Character Commentary: Here's number one.

Peace Is For Pussies

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Peace Is For Pussies

Peace Is For Pussies

Peace Is For Pussies

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