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Daphne Greengrass Lemon

Daphne Greengrass Lemon

Daphne Greengrass Lemon

Daphne Greengrass Lemon

Daphne Greengrass Lemon

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Please enjoy. Pairing for this story are. Due to the nature of this story. Harry would have been 12 when he first entered Hogwarts. This would bow make him 14 years old. Harry sat up he didn't know where he was. He placed his hand to his scar.

Nothing, The Craft Outfits couldn't understand it. He started to stand up and look around. All he saw was white, and nothing else. Harry sighed he didn't have a clue where he was until he heard a cold voice say. Harry looked down at the deformed figure in front of him. He was sure he had seen it before; He heard it again saying, "Help me. The figure stood right in front of Harry. Harry gulped and started to follow death.

Harry was a few paces behind when the deformed figure cried out again "Help me, don't leave me. Death turned and looked down figure. Even if I have to wait for eternity, I will make sure every last piece of you is destroyed. No body, cheats death, no body. Harry gulped, now he understood what that thing was. It was the piece of Voldemort that was inside him. Harry followed death through some gold doors. Harry looked forward and saw a panel of three figure dressed in white robes.

Death turned to Harry and pointed to a chair. Harry nodded, and then sat down in front of the robe figures. He watched Death approach them, and then listened as death spoke. The three figures began talking among them self; they turned to Harry and said in unison "Hello Mr. Potter, we are the fates.

Harry gulped. They then turned to Harry. Harry sat there head down looking at the floor. He then lifted his head. You were to live until you were years old, alongside your soul mates Daphne Greengrass and Hermione Free African Sex Granger. Harry mouth dropped. Hermione couldn't be his soul mate she was with Ron and Daphne Greengrass, well she was in Slytherin. Harry had never spoken to her before, so he could not see how she would be a soul mate.

I loved Ginny Weasley. Surely you have made a mistake. Harry watched as the robed figures descended down in front of him. They stood in front of him and then spoke in unison. You were only in love with Ginny Weasley due to her slipping you love potion every month.

Why do you think you started having feelings for Hermione Granger while you searched for the horcruxes? Harry wanted to tell them that they were wrong, that he didn't love Hermione, however he knew deep down when they were alone on those cold dark nights, he had been feeling stuff for his best friend, he couldn't explain.

Maybe the fates were right, maybe the reason was without Ginny slipping him love potion, then he was in love with Hermione, he lowered his head and placed it in his hands. The fates then continued. Harry looked up, the colour from his face drained. The sorting hat did want to put him in Slytherin, but he chose Gryffindor due to his confrontation with Draco and what Hagrid and Ron had said had they brainwashed him, to believe all Slytherin were evil, Peter Pettigrew was a Gryffindor and he was the betrayer of his parents, Harry felt so confused, but the fates were not finished yet.

You were stopped from reaching your full potential Harry. This is why we are sending you back, before all the betrayal. You will also return with all your knowledge of the events that have passed, aiding you in reaching your full potential.

We will now assign a guardian for you, to keep you on the right path. Harry watched as the doors opened, he saw a girl roughly his age walking towards him. She smiled then bowed to the fates then turned and bowed to him. She then stood up and smiled at Harry. I will be your life guide, to keep you on the right path, in your journey to make Daphne Greengrass Lemon you reach your full potential. Harry just nodded Ebony Bukkake said "OK, so what are you going to be with me in person?

Or invisible, cause last thing I want is people seeing me talking to myself or thin air. Think of me as a little voice in your head. I will also be using my ability to block other people trying to manipulate you, or invade your mind. Now are we ready? Harry took hold of Megan hand then walked out of the chamber.

Harry tried to keep his fear in check in front of the being. He saw death lean down and heard him say in a low voice. The part you bought me was the part that was in you. You are now free and can finally reach your full potential. Megan turned to Harry then said, "Well here we go. Harry woke up in his fourteen year old body. He looked around his surrounding and gathered that it was the same Daphne Greengrass Lemon he had run away from Durzaban after accidentally blowing up his Uncle Vernon sister.

He was bought out of his thought by a female voice. That trust fund is peanuts compared to what you're entitled too. That reminds me, you will need to order a new key and have your other one destroyed, as it is in the possession of One Molly Weasley. Plus I recommend a full audit of your Daphne Greengrass Lemon from the day you were left on the Dursley's door step.

Harry started making mental notes; however he was extremely tired and decided to crawl into bed. He lay there thinking about what he should Daphne Greengrass Lemon. One of the things he wanted to make sure that didn't happen was for Sirius to fall through the veil. He also wanted to try and catch Peter so he could prove Lol Hentai 3d innocence. Then there was the fact he not only had one soul mate, but two.

Of course Harry had admired Daphne from a far; I mean he wouldn't be straight if he never checked out the hottest girl in their year. Hermione was another thing, now he was free from love potion and other charms he could think clearly.

Harry began to realize even now that he was in love with his best friend. Ever since she had been petrified, Harry has had extremely strong feeling for her; feelings that went beyond friendship. Now try getting some sleep as we have a huge day tomorrow and I can promise you the shit will hit the fan big time tomorrow. Harry stood in front of the wall behind the Leaky cauldron. He tapped each brick with his wand. He had decided to add some glamour charms to himself so that he would not be recognized by any of Dumbledore's lackeys.

He walked onto the cobble streets of the alley and headed straight for the crooked white building over looking the alley. He walked through the door and felt his glamour vanish. Harry marched up to one of the tellers.

I am interested in hearing my parents will and claiming my Lordship as the last living descendent of the Potter line. The goblin looked over his desk at the young Wizard. He could see the Scar under his hair very clearly. The Goblin hopped of his stool and came around to the front. Harry bowed to the Goblin and followed him through a number of doors. Harry noticed several doors with House crest painted on them.

They stopped in front of a crest, Big Ass Porr contains two Griffins pawing Daphne Greengrass Lemon shield with a Phoenix flying just above it. The Goblin knocked on the door until he heard a deep voice say. The Goblin led Estella Warren Measurements into the office.

Harry looked over the desk at a tall, well dressed Goblin, with a small beard on his chin. If Harry was honest he felt rather scared by the creature standing across from him.

Daphne Greengrass Lemon

Daphne Greengrass Lemon

Please enjoy. Pairing for this story are. Due to the nature of this story.

Daphne Greengrass Lemon

08/06/ · Erotica, General, Erotica > Lemon Characters: Daphne Greengrass, Harry James Potter Status: WIP (Work in progress) Genres: Adult Pairings: Harry/Daphne G. Warnings: Adult Themes, Extreme Sexual Situations, Mild Violence, Sex Series: None Chapters: 1 Table of Contents Completed: No Word count: 5, Read Count: 5,

Daphne Greengrass Lemon

Daphne Greengrass Lemon

Harry Potter, Daphne Greengrass, and Dobby the house elf appeared in the entrance hall of an elegant house. Harry sent Dobby away, and, letter in one hand and Daphne's hand in the other, he began to walk forward. Opening a door rather violently, they came to a sitting room. Harry looked around, green fire .

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