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Hina is the name assigned to a number of Polynesian deities. The name Hina usually relates to a powerful female force typically a goddess or queen who has dominion over a specific entity.

Some variations of the name Hina include Sina, Hanaiakamalama, and Ina. In Hawaiian mythology, Hinla name is usually paired with words which explain or identify the goddess and her power such as Hina-puku-iʻa Hinla the goddess of fishermen, and Hina-ʻopu-hala-koʻa who gave birth to all Celeb Nude Hd life.

Hina continues to be a figure worshiped in many of the Polynesian religions [3] and her stories serve as traditions that unite Polynesia, specifically the Hawaiian Islands. Among the iwi of New Zealand, Hina is usually considered to be either the elder sister or the wife of Māui. One day, as Hina was bathing, the eel-god rubbed against her.

This occurred over a number of visits until Te Tunaroa grew bold enough to rub against Hina's genitals, molesting her. Hinla Māui heard of this act he went and attacked Te Tunaroa cutting his body into bits, the tail landed in the sea and became the conger eelwhereas the other end landed in the swamps Hinla the fresh water eels.

Hinla pieces became lamprey and hagfish. A number of stories are told about Hina as the elder sister of Māui. Some iwi say that it was Hina Chair Tied taught Māui to plait the ropes needed to capture the sun, using a strand of her own sacred hair to give the ropes supernatural strength.

This legend recognizes important ritual status that elder sisters held in traditional Māori society. The moon is also known by the name Mahina. Initially Hinatea Fair Hina was married to a man named Irawaru.

In revenge Māui assaulted Irawaru when they returned to shore, pushing his brother-in-law under the keel of their canoe, breaking his back and other bones. Irawaru was turned into a dog kurī one breed of which was known as Irawaru.

When Hina heard what Māui had done she threw herself into the sea, but did not die and was instead carried across the waves to Motutapu Sacred Isle. Hinla name was changed to Hinauri due to her darker mood. Eventually Hinauri would be welcomed by the people of Motutapu and was taken to the house of Chief Tinirau god of fishes, becoming his new wife.

The existing wives were jealous and tried to assault Hinauri, but using her supernatural power Hinauri killed the other wives of Tinirau and so become the senior wife. Hina was the mother of Tuhuruhuru, for whom the ritual initiation ritual was performed by the tohunga Kae.

After this is done, Tinirau lends Kae his pet whale to take him home. In spite of strict instructions to the contrary, Kae forces the whale, Tutunui, into shallow water, where it becomes stranded and is killed, roasted and eaten by Kae and his people. When he learns of Hinla Tinirau is furious and Hinla Hinauri with a party of women often they are Tinirau's sisters to capture Kae.

The sisters perform indecent dances to make him laugh so they can see his crooked teeth. Then the women sing a magic song which puts Kae into a deep sleep, and carry him back to Motutapu. When Kae wakes from his sleep Hinla is in Tinirau's house. Tinirau taunts him for his treachery, and kills him GreyTregear A girl named Hina-moe-aitu "Hina-sleeping-with-a-god" liked to bathe in a pool that housed many eels.

One day, as Hina was bathing, one Nude Tv the eels transformed into a young man. Hina took him as her lover. His name was Tuna. After they had been together for a while, one day Tuna told Hina that there would be a great downpour the next day.

He would be washed up onto the threshold of her house in his eel-form. When that happened, Tuna said, Hina must cut off his head and bury it, and then regularly visit the place where the head had been buried.

Hina obeyed Tuna, returning faithfully to watch the place where she had buried his head. After many days, she saw a shoot sprout from Hentai Pv spot. Another shoot appeared, and the two shoots grew into a pair of coconut Hinla first coconut trees known to man.

For a time, the goddess Hina lived as Hinla wife of Te Tuna, the god of eels. But she grew tired of him and decided to seek love elsewhere. Telling Tuna that she was going to get him some delicious food, Hina left him and went onto land. Hina went from place to place, seeking a lover. Finally she met Māuiwhose mother Taranga urged him to take the goddess as his wife. Hinla the people round about learned that Māui had taken Hina as his wife, they went to tell Tuna.

Tuna himself Māui spared. But one day, Tuna challenged Māui to a duel. If Tuna killed Māui, then Tuna would take his wife back. When he came back out, Māui was intact. That was how humankind acquired coconuts. Even within Hawaiian mythology, Hina could refer to multiple different goddesses. Differentiating between these deities can be ambiguous and is highly debated. However, there are three specific Hawaiian deities named Hina who are widely known and can be distinguished from each other.

Hina, the wife of Akalana, is known as the goddess of the moon. Mahinathe Hawaiian word for moon, is derived from the goddess' name. The worship of Hina marks a long tradition of the Hawaiian people across multiple islands. The legendary birth of Hina's son, Māui, is described as a supernatural conception after Hina Hinla a red loincloth she found on the ocean shore. After birth, Hina wrapped locks of her hair around her infant son and set him on a bed of limu kala supported by jellyfish in the sea.

Māui then traveled to Kuaihelani where he acquired his famous powers. Legend says when he returned, Māui performed incredible acts such as slowing the sun to make the days longer for Hina's work. There is debate over which Hina the story Nudist Boys Porn to but certain stories suggest this legend is about Hina the wife of a chief called Aikanaka rather than to Hina the wife of Akalana, the father of Māui. However, she became tired of land and decided to leave Hawaii.

First, she traveled on a rainbow towards the sun but did Hinla enjoy the heat. The next Chloe Vevrier Tits, Hina traveled on a rainbow to the moon. To this day, Hawaiians believe that Hina continues to make Kapa cloth for the gods out of the bark from a Banyan tree that grows on the moon. In Samoa, the equivalent the name Sina referred to Hinla many different stories in mythology. One example is the legend Sina and the Eel which is associated with the Mata o le Alelo pool on the island of Savai'i.

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Hina is the name assigned to a number of Polynesian deities.


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