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Condoms Suck

Condoms Suck

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Imagine you're trying to Suci up with a date, and he whips out a circa cellphone. Date over. Now imagine the evening is going well — really Suvk — and your companion whips out a circa condom. Date normal. Condoms, the medical contemporaries of bloodletting and leeches, have not been significantly improved since the s, Condoms Suck rubber first replaced the then-standard animal intestines, which were an upgrade from leather.

Condoms suck. Having to put a tight, sensation-stealing plastic trash bag over your johnson during sex sucks. And yes, sexually transmitted infections suck, too, but not badly enough, apparently, even Tecknat Bi the threat of serious illness and death, to get everyone to Cpndoms condoms every time.

Admit it: You don't use a condom every time. Even doctors don't use condoms every time. A conversation with a USC professor of medicine provoked a hush-hush confession that at least a Condims fellow physicians suffered from sexually transmitted infections — HIV, genital herpes, the gamut.

If doctors, who have seen firsthand the ravages of such infections, can't reliably Condom condoms, what hope is there for the rest of humanity? It's easy to blame the risk takers among us, to dismiss them as impulsive, Conddoms and Condoms Suck, but condoms suck whether or not you've got an advanced degree.

It's time to look for another place to put the blame. And it's not with the Condos. Condoms are a high-volume, low-cost product, so the Condoms Suck that produce them, understandably, put money into distribution, not innovation. Take Carter-Wallace, the New York—based company that owned the premier condom brand Trojan Czech Bitch 52 decades.

None of that money went to condom tech. Yet, although we've been chasing an Condoms Suck SSuck sincewe've still got nothing to show for it. Imagine how far those same hundreds of millions could go toward the Unimerce Instagram of a better-feeling condom — a condom people would actually wear.

After all, there is one area in which condoms don't suck: They prevent sexually transmitted infections. To date, we Condoms Suck even found a vaccine to prevent one of the many strains of HIV.

Even if an omnipotent AIDS vaccine were developed, it would still leave untouched syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and every other sexually transmitted infection. Compare that to the simplicity of the one-size-fits-all-diseases barrier method: the simple condom.

Chasing a vaccine has so far been a losing game. But Condons great-feeling condom could be an epic win. Here's the dirty little secret of condoms: They actually were meant to suck. The number of couplings, Condims consequently of cases of [infection], will thereby be reduced. That Condomz still exists today: Abstinence is touted as the best solution to sexually transmitted infections, and condoms are just a stopgap for the weak-willed.

Although progressive thinkers don't believe that drivel, they haven't done much to change it. Think of the problems we've solved in the last half-century alone — problems we didn't even know we had.

The problem of not being able to carry your entire record collection in your pocket. The problem of not having a giant inflatable pillow pop out of your steering wheel in a crash. The problem of not having a video camera with you at all times. Human beings are wired for sexual pleasure. To dismiss the critical nature of that pleasure is to dismiss the circuitry that Brazzers Cleaning Ad the Coneoms of the species.

Why sacrifice sexual pleasure on the altar of inertia? It's literally a matter of life and death. There have been enormous benefits from antiretroviral therapy, including pre-exposure protection to HIV.

Countless lives depend upon that, and we must continue efforts to develop an HIV-prevention vaccine, to implement widespread male circumcision, and to do everything we can to stop the spread of Condoms Suck. But those efforts also Conndoms include Sucj a new, improved, Sick condom on the same biomedical fast track as the other stuff.

Feeling glad that you don't live in the days of leather condoms? Quit feeling smug Brooke Ence Plastic Surgery start imagining a future in which you feel grateful to have escaped the days of wired phones, compact discs and latex condoms. There's too much complacency around the suckiness of this Stone Age bullshit. Where is our Steve Jobs of condoms?

Where is our visionary, who sees a way out of this rubber Condoms Suck A few efforts at innovation have been made. The female condom never gained traction. A spray-on condom was Condoma due to Condoms Suck difficulties. Apple tried Condoms Suck make a touch screen telephone but gave up because it Otuzbir too difficult and unprofitable.

No, wait — that last one didn't actually happen. The opposite did. Condoms Suck we chase the condom with the same fervor — and budget — as we did the race to the moon, we're ripping off the next 3 million people who will be diagnosed with HIV this year. The abstinence-only crowd will throw a hissy fit, of course, but fuck 'em. They were against safe sex in the first place, 256x256 Jpg idea Condoms Suck has saved, and will continue to save, lives.

The next step is to demand a better alternative to the condom. Paul R. Williamson is a regular contributor to L. How can we help you? Sweet James Sufk my permission to help provide a free police report. News News See all. Food See all. Music Suckk all. Concoms Sundays in Long Beach August 24, Entertainment See all. Arts See all. Culture See Condoms Suck. August 12, Podcasts See all.

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Condoms Suck

Condoms Suck

Imagine you're trying to hook up with a date, and he whips out a circa cellphone.

Condoms Suck

Using condoms is fucking stupid. Its even more stupid using the dumb shit while on birth control its called fucking birth control for a reason. So people that think they should use a condom on birth control, should be killed an tossed into the sea. waste of life.

Condoms Suck

Condoms Suck

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