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Fire Emblem Robin Cosplay

Fire Emblem Robin Cosplay

Fire Emblem Robin Cosplay

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Players can choose Robin's gender, hair, voice, clothing, appearance and the character also offers a high level of replayability. Cosplayers can go for a gender-fluid approach while playing Robin or they can curate their own male or female Robin avatars. Robin's costume has also undergone some key changes over the years which allows the cosplayers to go back and forth between old and new renditions which makes for some really interesting medieval-inspired looks.

A post shared by TwistedSpadeCosplay twistedspadecosplay. Fire Emblem Robin Cosplay cosplayer TwistedSpadeCosplay is known for their terrific attention to detail and assembling skills and this Robin cosplay features some key details which make the look come across as Desyra Noir crafted.

The cosplayer relies on solid metallic accessories which gives the cosplay a period look and a curious militarized feel, without doing away with the element of whimsy. The cosplayer uses Lisa Rinna Playboy black sheer leggings under her heavy metallic plates which is a great way to play up the lengths in the costume, especially if someone is ditching the plain old white trousers Robin wears.

A post shared by Nichole novastitchescosplay. The cosplayer's only accessory is a weighty golden tome which is, of course, Robin's weapon of choice Thoron, which is a powerful thunder magic spell in the series and in the Tellius series, it also acts as a class buster against the dragon tribe Laguz.

Cosplayer and photographer Selina was able to capture this rather surreal moment which totally fits with Robin's profile. If Robin did have a pet it would definitely be something as regal and majestic as a falcon. Selina was attending Fire Emblem Robin Cosplay Dokomi anime expo in when this falcon sat on her arm rather suddenly, and the cosplayer's sister was able to capture this snap.

The pet aside, the colors on Selina's costume are on point and demonstrate a perfect balance of primary shades and metallics. This cosplayer made some impressive adjustments and found a way to have fun with the costume. When it comes to DIY looks, it's always better to stick to the essence of the character without being too specific with the detailing. This cosplayer uses a snazzy printed hoodie and styles it with a plain white vest and switches metal plates with brocade sleeves and leather gloves.

Robin's look is really adaptable so people looking to steer clear of the metallic accessories can easily introduce other muted elements. A post shared by V O N nocturnal.

Cosplayer Von keeps their cosplay simple but styles it really Fire Emblem Robin Cosplay. The costume has been curated to be a smart, alternative to a traditional Fire Emblem costume. It's important to note that Robin's tactician robe has elements of a uniform because it establishes their profession and Von's costume stays true to that element of the character's look without compromising on the tonal drama.

The simple tunic and trousers are a good way to go for modestly budgeted Robin cosplays. Cosplayer Michelle takes some minor creative liberties with their Robin cosplay but it works wonders as the cosplayer is able to give a winter do-over to a traditional Robin costume.

The color-blocked gloves, for instance, are a terrific idea and even the sporty monochrome vest adds to a contemporary look. The curation does not give off a regimented vibe, which is refreshing, and the color tweaks here and there definitely help as well. A post shared by Vanessa nessibessiii. German-based cosplayer Vanessa curates a stunning Robin cosplay with the perfect lighting and just the right edits. The locale plays a big part in this cosplay too because Vanessa sets this shot against the backdrop of a medieval castle in Germany, known as the Burg Altena.

The cosplayer goes for some understated shades so her look doesn't come off as too flashy or out-of-place; ultimately the best thing about this cosplay is definitely the clever thunder edit that seems to be emerging from the tome in her hand.

Cosplayer Nite Rain switches up some key elements in his robin costume for an intelligent improvisation. His robe for instance is darker in hue which makes the gold accents pop, and since the hooded jacket is not exactly a militarized number it comes across as quite versatile and dramatic.

Blowjob Device also helps that the rest of the costume is just simple monochrome which makes the cosplay quite moody yet impactful. The cosplayer also gives the metal armor plates a miss which is a great move considering the tone of the look is quite Fire Emblem Robin Cosplay. A post shared by Lauren funnycatcos. New York-based cosplayer Lauren goes for a non-traditional approach, especially vis-a-vis the color profile.

The cosplayer relies on a few key primary shades and a solid gold accent and this adds a lot of definition to her look. The metallic accessories and snug high-waist belt go really well and add a sharp, military vibe to the look. Lauren's costume also proves how easy it is to curate a Robin cosplay if one is vigilant about Sexy Velma right colors.

A post shared by Ava morikyou Cosplayer Ava goes for a chic approach without compromising the integrity of the theme. She switches Robin's white baggy bitches for cool mulberry-hued fitted trousers and the glossy gold borders go exceptionally well with the white and blue in her costume.

She also ditches a white wig and opts for a blond one, it's a clever move because it brings out the diversity in colors. The look is really balanced and the cosplayer paid a lot of attention Fire Emblem Robin Cosplay the visual symmetry Fire Emblem Robin Cosplay it shows. Share Share Tweet Email 0. Related Topics Lists fire emblem.

You can find her work if you want to, you know.

Fire Emblem Robin Cosplay

Fire Emblem Robin Cosplay

Fire Emblem Robin Cosplay

Players can choose Robin's gender, hair, voice, clothing, appearance and the character also offers a high level of replayability.

Fire Emblem Robin Cosplay

04/08/ · Fire Emblem: 10 Robin Cosplay That Are Too Accurate. Fire Emblem's Robin the tactician is every anime cosplayer's favorite subject and may just be one of the versatile costumes. By JJ Rankin Published Aug 04, Share Share Tweet Email. 0. Comment. Robin is the fierce tactician of Fire Emblem and one of the versatile playable avatars in the series. Players can .

Fire Emblem Robin Cosplay

Fire Emblem Robin Cosplay

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