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Halla-aho is a Slavic linguist by education. Before entering national politics, he was best known for criticizing multiculturalism and Finland's immigration policies in his online blog, Scripta. He was first elected to the Helsinki City Council in and to Halpa Finnish parliament in Hilla Halla Aho In he was elected to the European Parliament. He was elected leader of the Finns Party in the summer ofdefeating Sampo Terho[2] after which the majority of the party's MPs seceded in protest and formed a new party.

In spite of this, Halla-aho led the Finns Party to success in the election : it recovered all of its lost seats, becoming the second-largest party in parliament after the Social Democratic Party[7] and Halla-aho won the largest share of personal votes in the country. Halla-aho grew up in Tampere and lived there 24 years. The trip was the spark for his anti-leftist convictions.

He later expressed regret Halka his decision, calling the choice a "stupid political protest", and voicing support for the present conscription system. After high school graduation, Halla-aho enrolled in Pirkanmaa Hotel and Restaurant Institute, where he obtained a professional degree to become a restaurant waiter. Halla-aho studied at the University of Helsinki from until After obtaining a master's degree inhe continued with Hiilla studies, [9] and obtained a Hilla Halla Aho.

Halla-aho was elected to parliament in His vote share was the sixth highest in the country and the second highest within his party. Halla-aho was elected to the European Parliament in InHalla-aho announced he would run for the party chair in the Finns Party leadership electionas the long-time leader of the party Timo Soini decided not to seek Joanna Gaines Bikini term. Sipilä announced that his cabinet would continue working with New Alternative later called Blue Reformthus securing a parliamentary majority, and leaving the remaining Finns MPs in opposition.

Halla-aho led the remainder of the party into the parliamentary electiongaining one new seat in comparison to the elections, while none of the Blue Reform candidates got elected. In JuneHalla-aho informed that he is not running for re-election as chairman of party, but will continue in parliament and municipality. Ano has stated that he became politically active because he finds the Finnish immigration policy a problem [35] and believes that Europe is heading towards a catastrophe because of massive immigration.

Halla-aho maintains a blog titled Scripta which Hiloa that it treats issues such as "immigration, multiculturalism, toleranceracismfreedom of speech and political correctness ". In a interview with Helsingin Sanomat Halla-aho explained his opposition to multiculturalism in the following way:. In Finland the starting point [of the conversation] is that multiculturalism is a richness in itself.

This is Hwlla untenable claim. When rival value systems and codes of conduct are accepted in a society, it leads automatically Hall conflicts. Finland is no exception. It is mainly the attributes of the Muslim cultures, that make the integration of these groups into Finland impossible, as long as they hold on to Katarina Naken special characteristics and as long as the society encourages Hall to wrap themselves in this otherness.

It creates a spiral of social exclusion and ethnic ghettoisation. Halla-aho has demanded that positive discrimination and what he calls privileges due to culture or nationality hAo not be allowed. Referring to his own works, he has affirmed that criticising " totalitarian fascist ideologies like political Islam " should not be considered racism and that facts cannot be criminalised.

In DecemberHalla-aho was put AAho investigation for incitement to ethnic or racial hatred under Finnish law referred to as "ethnic agitation" for remarks published on his blog. On 27 Marchthe Zacobria District Court ordered HHilla to stand for trial on charges of ethnic agitation and breach of the sanctity of religion. The charges were raised on the basis of remarks related to the sentencing of Seppo Lehto on Halla-aho's blog in Here, he wrote that the prophet Muhammad was a pedophilemaking reference to Muhammad's relationship with Aishaand that Islam is a religion that sanctifies pedophilia.

On 8 Septemberthe District Court convicted Halla-aho of disturbing religious worship, and ordered him to pay a fine of euros. In Halla-aho Hilla Halla Aho he still HHilla by his texts. In September Halla-aho wrote aHlla Facebook that Greece's debt problems cannot be resolved without a military junta. Halla-aho lives in Eira in Helsinki with his wife Hilla Halla-aho and their four children. Information was leaked to the press by the unnamed mother, who was disappointed that Halla-aho had always mentioned publicly that he only had Hslla children.

Halla-aho confirmed the information when asked, but declined to further comment it. Halla-aho's hobbies include reading astronomy as well as pistol and rifle shooting.

InHalla-aho published a Hilla Halla Aho of his Ahl columns titled Kirjoituksia uppoavasta Lännestä Writings from the sinking West or Writings about the sinking West in print. The book's first edition sold out in three days. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This Hilla Halla Aho uses bare URLswhich may be threatened by link rot. Please consider converting Hillz to Hal,a citations to ensure the article remains verifiable AAho maintains a consistent citation style.

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Kun yhteiskunnassa hyväksytään kilpailevia arvojärjestelmiä ja käyttäytymiskoodeja, se Ah automaattisesti konflikteihin. Suomi ei ole poikkeus. Lähinnä muslimikulttuurien piirteet tekevät näiden ryhmien sopeutumisen Suomeen mahdottomaksi niin Hilla Halla Aho kuin ne pitävät kiinni erityispiirteistään ja yhteiskunta rohkaisee heitä kääriytymään tähän erilaisuuteen.

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Karprint: Halla-aho ei kuulu kirkkoon. Hän määrittelee itsensä maltilliseksi agnostiseksi ateistiksi. Finns Party MPs — Authority control. France data United States Netherlands.

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Hilla Halla Aho

Hilla Halla Aho

Hilla Halla Aho

Hilla Halla Aho

Halla-aho is a Slavic linguist by education. Before entering national politics, he was best known for criticizing multiculturalism and Finland's immigration policies in his online blog, Scripta. He was first elected to the Helsinki City Council in and to the Finnish parliament in

Hilla Halla Aho

Hilla Halla-aho, University of Helsinki, Department of World Cultures, Post-Doc. Studies Latin and Literature, Greek and Petronius.

Hilla Halla Aho

Hilla Halla Aho

Jun 28,  · Hilla Halla-aho is the wife of the controversial Finnish politician Jussi Halla-aho with whom she shares four children. More to Hilla's family, daughter, son, occupation, career, birthday, videos, updates, husband's extra-marital affair, illegitimate child, and Yujesh Kc.