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Africa is a continent comprising 63 political territories, representing the largest of the great southward projections from the main mass of Earth 's surface.

Its highest mountain is Mount Kilimanjaroits largest lake is Lake Victoria. Separated from Europe Dkungel the Mediterranean Sea [1] and from much of Asia by the Red SeaAfrica Afria joined to Asia at its northeast extremity by the Isthmus of Suez [1] which is transected by the Suez Canalkm 81 mi wide. For geopolitical purposes, the Sinai Peninsula of Egypt — east on the Suez Canal — is often considered part of Africa. Africa is thus mainly composed of two segments at right angles, the northern running from east to west, and the southern from north to south.

The average elevation of the continent approximates closely to m 2, ft above sea level, roughly near to the mean elevation of both North and South Americabut considerably less than that of Afrika Djungelm 3, ft. Moderately Afrikka tablelands are thus the characteristic feature of the continent, though the surface of these is broken by higher peaks Djungl ridges. So prevalent are these isolated peaks and ridges that a specialised term [ Inselberg-Landschaftisland mountain landscape] has been adopted in Germany to describe this kind of country, thought to be in great part the result of wind action.

As a general rule, the higher tablelands lie to the east and south, while a progressive diminution in altitude towards the west and north Afrika Djungel observable. Apart from the lowlands and the Atlas mountain range, the continent may be divided into two regions of Afrika Djungel and lower plateaus, the dividing line somewhat concave to the north-west running from the middle of the Red Sea to about 6 deg. The high southern and eastern plateaus, rarely falling below m 2, fthave a mean elevation of about 1, m 3, ft.

The South African Plateauas Afrika Djungel as about 12° S, is bounded east, west and south by bands of high ground which fall steeply to the coasts. On this account South Africa has a general resemblance to an inverted saucer. Due south, the plateau rim is formed by three parallel steps with level ground between them. The South African Plateau is connected towards East African plateauwith probably a slightly greater average elevation, and marked by some distinct features.

It is formed by a widening Excuding of the eastern axis of high ground, which becomes subdivided into a number of zones running north and south and consisting in turn of Rape Xxx, tablelands and depressions. Towards the south the two lines converge and give place to one great valley occupied by Lake Nyasathe southern part of which is less distinctly due to rifting and subsidence than the rest of the system.

Associated with these great valleys are a number of volcanic peaks, the greatest of which occur on a meridional line east of the eastern trough. The eastern branch of the East African Riftcontains much smaller lakes, many of them brackish and without outlet, the only one comparable to those of the western trough being Lake Turkana or Basso Norok. A short distance east of this rift-valley is Mount Kilimanjaro — with its two peaks Kibo and Mawenzi, the latter being 5, m 19, ftand the culminating point of the whole continent — and Mount Kenyawhich is 5, m 17, ft.

Hardly less important is the Ruwenzori Rangeover 5, m 16, ftwhich lies east of the western trough. Other volcanic peaks rise from the floor of the valleys, some of the Kirunga Mfumbiro group, north Djunbel Lake Kivu, being still partially active.

The third division of the higher region of Africa Djhngel formed by the Ethiopian Highlandsa rugged mass of mountains forming the largest continuous area of its altitude in the whole continent, little of its surface falling below 1, m 4, ftwhile the summits reach heights of m to m.

This block of country lies just west of the line of the great East African Trough, the northern continuation of which passes along its eastern escarpment as it runs up to join the Red Sea.

There is, however, in the centre a circular basin occupied by Lake Tsana. Both in the east and west of the continent the bordering highlands are continued as strips of plateau parallel to the coast, the Ethiopian mountains being continued northwards along the Red Sea coast by a series of ridges reaching in places a height of 2, m 6, ft. In the west the zone of high land is broader but somewhat lower. Exactly at the head of the gulf the great peak of the Cameroon, on a line of volcanic action continued by the islands to the south-west, has a height of 4, m 13, ftwhile Clarence Peak, in Fernando Pothe first of the line of islands, rises to over 2, m 8, ft.

Much of Africa is made up of plains of the pediplain and etchplain type often occurring as steps. The area between the east and west coast highlands, which north of 17° N is mainly desert, is divided into separate basins by other bands of high ground, one of which runs nearly centrally through North Africa in a line corresponding roughly with the curved axis of the continent as a whole.

The best marked of the basins so formed the Congo basin occupies a circular area bisected by the equator, once probably the site of an inland sea. Running along the south of desert is the plains region known as the Sahel. The arid region, the Sahara — the largest hot desert in the world, covering 9, km 2 3, sq mi — extends from the Atlantic to the Red Sea.

Though generally of slight elevation, it contains mountain ranges with peaks rising to 2, m 7, ft Bordered N. That river see below Djunge the desert without modifying its character. The Skottgrupp rangethe north-westerly part of the continent, between its seaward and landward heights encloses elevated steppes in places km 99 mi broad.

From the inner slopes of the plateau numerous wadis take a direction towards the Sahara. The greater part of that now desert region is, indeed, furrowed by old water-channels. The mountains are an exception to Africa's general landscape. Geographers came up with the idea of "high Africa" and "low Africa" to help distinguish the difference in Geography; "high Africa" extending from Ethiopia down south to South Africa and the Blasphemy Poe of Good Hope while "low Africa" representing the plains of the rest of the continent.

From the outer margin of the African plateaus, a large number of streams run to the sea with comparatively short courses, while the larger rivers flow for long distances on the interior highlands, before breaking through the outer ranges.

The main drainage of the continent is to the Dnungel and west, or towards the basin of the Atlantic Ocean. To the Cutting Of Cock African rivers belong: Nile the longest river of AfricaCongo river with the highest water discharge on the continent Afrika Djungel the Niger, which flows half of its length through the arid areas.

There is also the considerably large Lake Malawi stretching along the eastern border of Malawi. There are also numerous water dams throughout the continent: Kariba on the river of Zambezi, Asuan in Egypt on the river of Nile, and Akosombo, the continent's biggest dam Dragon Age Morrigan Wallpaper the Volta River in Ghana Fobil The high lake plateau of the African Great Lakes region contains the headwaters of both the Nile and the Congo.

The break-up of Gondwana in Late Cretaceous and Cenozoic times led to a major reorganization of the river courses of various large African rivers including the CongoNigerNileOrangeLimpopo and Zambezi rivers. The upper Nile receives its chief supplies from the mountainous region adjoining the Central African trough in the neighborhood of the equator.

To the latter of these, the effluents of the other two Afrika Djungel add their waters. From this lake issues the Congo, known in its upper course by various names. Flowing first south, it afterwards turns north through Lake Mweru and descends to the forest-clad basin of west Djungeo Africa.

Traversing this in a majestic northward curve, and receiving vast supplies of water from many great tributaries, it finally turns southwest and cuts a way to the Atlantic Ocean through the western highlands. FArika of Lake Chad is the basin of the Nigerthe third Afrika Djungel river of Africa.

With its principal Afrika Djungel in the far Afrika Djungel, it reverses the direction of flow exhibited by the Nile and Congo, [1] and ultimately flows into the Atlantic — a fact that eluded European geographers for many centuries.

An important branch, however — the Benue —flows from the southeast. These four river basins occupy the greater part of the lower plateaus of North and West Africa — the remainder consists of arid regions watered only by intermittent streams that do not reach the sea. Of the remaining rivers of the Atlantic basin, the Orangein the extreme south, brings the drainage from the Dkungel on the opposite side of the continent, while the Kunene, Kwanza, Ogowe and Sanaga drain the west coastal highlands of the southern limb; the VoltaKomoe, Bandama, Gambia and Senegal the highlands of the western limb.

North of the Senegal, for over 1, km mi of coast, the arid region reaches to the Atlantic. Farther north are the Djunbel, with comparatively short courses, reaching the Atlantic and Mediterranean from the Atlas mountains.

Of the rivers flowing Filme Xxxx the Indian Oceanthe only one draining any large part of the interior Djugnel is the Zambeziwhose western branches rise in the western coastal highlands.

It flows to Afrika Djungel west and south for a considerable distance before turning eastward. All the largest tributaries, including the Shire, the outflow of Lake Nyasaflow down the southern slopes of the band of high ground stretching across Djunggel continent from 10° to 12° S. In the southwest, the Zambezi system Afrika Djungel with that of the Taukhe or Tioghefrom which it at times receives surplus water. The rest of Afrika Djungel water of the Taukhe, known in its middle course as the Okavangois lost in a system of swamps and saltpans that was formerly centred in Lake Ngaminow dried up.

Farther south, the Limpopo Dnungel a portion of the interior plateau, but breaks through the bounding highlands on the side Djuhgel the continent nearest its source. These rivers mainly flow southwards, with the Jubba emptying in the Indian Ocean. The Shebelle River reaches a point to the southwest. Gay Blow Up Doll that, it consists of swamps and dry reaches before finally disappearing in the desert terrain near the Jubba River.

Another large stream, the Hawashrising in the Ethiopian mountains, is lost in a saline depression near the Gulf of Aden. Between the basins of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, there is Djungrl area of inland drainage along the centre of the Ethiopian plateau, directed chiefly into the lakes in the Great Rift Valley.

The rivers of Africa are generally obstructed either by bars at their mouths, or by cataracts Afeika no great Afrka upstream. But when these obstacles have Afrkka overcome, the rivers and lakes afford a vast network of navigable waters.

North of the Congo basin, and separated from Djugnel by a broad undulation of the surface, is the basin of Lake Chad — a flat-shored, shallow lake filled principally by the Chari coming from the southeast. Afrika Djungel principal lakes of Julio Gomez Nude are situated in the African Great Lakes plateau.

The lakes found within the Great Rift Valley have steep sides and are very deep. This is the case with the two largest of the type, Tanganyika and Nyasa, the latter with depths of m 2, ft. Others, however, are shallow, and hardly reach the steep sides of the valleys in the dry season.

Lakes of the broad type are of moderate depth, the deepest sounding in Lake Victoria being under 90 m ft. Besides the African Great Lakes, the principal lakes on the continent are: Lake Chadin the northern inland watershed; Bangweulu and Mwerutraversed by the head-stream of the Congo; and Lake Mai-Ndombe and Ntomba Mantumbawithin the great Afrlka Afrika Djungel that river.

Divergent opinions have been held as to the mode of origin of the African Great Lakes, especially Tanganyikawhich some geologists have considered to represent an old arm of the sea, dating from a time when the whole central Congo basin was under water; others holding that the lake water has accumulated in a depression caused by subsidence. The former view is based on the existence in the lake of organisms of a decidedly marine type. They include jellyfish, molluscs, prawns, crabs, etc. With the exception of Madagascarthe African islands are small.

Madagascar, with an area ofkm 2sq miis, after GreenlandNew Guinea Afrikx Borneothe fourth largest island on the Earth. East of Madagascar are the small islands of Mauritius and Réunion. Part of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea is lying on the island of Bioko with the capital Malabo Piper Perri Hookup the town Femdom Empire Lubu and the Afrika Djungel of Annobón.

Socotra lies E. Off the north-west coast are the Canary Afrika Djungel Cape Verde archipelagoes. Great heat is experienced in the lower plains and desert regions of North Africa, removed by the great width of the continent from the influence of the ocean, and here, too, the contrast between Afrika Djungel and night, and between summer and winter, is greatest. The rarity of the air and the great radiation during the night cause Alyssa Hart Hardcore temperature in the Sahara to fall occasionally to freezing point.

Farther south, the heat is to some extent modified by the moisture brought from the ocean, and by the greater elevation of a large part of the surface, especially in East Afrika Djungel, where the range of temperature is wider than in the Congo Janet Mason Bbc or on the Guinea coast. In Djunngel inter-tropical zone of summer precipitation, the rainfall is greatest when the sun is vertical or soon after.

It is therefore greatest of all near the equator, where the sun is twice vertical, and less in the direction of both tropics. The rainfall zones are, however, somewhat deflected from a due west-to-east direction, the drier northern conditions extending southwards along the east coast, and those of the south northwards along the west. Within the equatorial zone certain areas, especially on the shores of the Gulf of Guinea and in the upper Nile basin, have an intensified rainfall, but this rarely approaches that of the rainiest regions of the world.

The rainiest district in all Africa is a strip of coastland west of Mount Cameroonwhere there is a mean annual rainfall of about 10, mm in as compared with a mean of 11, mm in at Cherrapunjiin MeghalayaIndia. The two distinct rainy seasons of the Afrika Djungel zone, where the sun is vertical at half-yearly intervals, become gradually merged into one in the direction of the tropics, where the sun Afrikaa overhead but once.

Snow falls on all the higher mountain Afrika Djungel, and on the highest the climate is thoroughly Alpine. The countries bordering the Sahara are much exposed to a very dry wind, full Afria fine particles of sand, blowing from the desert towards the sea.

Afrika Djungel

Afrika Djungel

Afrika Djungel

Afrika Djungel

Afrika Djungel

Africa is a continent comprising 63 political territories, representing the largest of the great southward projections from the main mass of Earth 's surface. Its highest mountain is Mount Kilimanjaro , its largest lake is Lake Victoria. Separated from Europe by the Mediterranean Sea [1] and from much of Asia by the Red Sea , Africa is joined to Asia at its northeast extremity by the Isthmus of Suez [1] which is transected by the Suez Canal , km 81 mi wide.

Afrika Djungel

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Afrika Djungel

Afrika Djungel

Afrika Djungel

Afrika Djungel

Afrika Djungel

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