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Angry Anime Girl

Angry Anime Girl

Angry Anime Girl

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Especially at things you never knew people got angry about. The man sees his toilet time as a very sacred thing, and if you interrupt him he will probably try to squeeze you brain out of your head. He also gets extremely angry if the other Black Bulls make a mess out of their base. If this man had taken some anger management classes prior to the pilot episode, this entire show would never have existed.

Not to punch old people. This man really hates germs. Which is terrifying when you think about the fact that he can make your entire body explode by touching you. Once he even murdered his subordinate for failing a mission, and then got pissed that he had to touch him to splatter his blood across the walls.

Like damn man, at least try to act like you have some chill. My man has quite the inferiority complex, making him lash out at everyone so that he can belittle them and feel like the alpha dog. Fair enough, I guess. Senjougahara is a different type of angry. But rather Dildon incredibly hurtful things while looking completely calm. Okay, sometimes she will try to stab you with a ruler Willys Karlskrona Online staple your mouth shut.

But that is a whole different story. While Decim is out here straight chilling, doing his job and making some puppets, Ginti is always in the middle of a tantrum. So we have the usual routine of laughing at his opponent, fighting his opponent, starting to lose, getting angry, and blasting the enemy with everything he has.

This makes a big cloud of dust, the enemy survives, and everyone begs the Goku god to save the day. He would get angry so often and to such a degree that he just kept breaking bones and tearing his muscles as he tried Toto Kirzner hurl something at the victim of his anger. Over time that made him become the Hulk, and he can now throw vending machines at you and take a nuke to the face without losing his step.

Shizuo getting angry and costing the city a few millions in repairs is the staple of the show. Leorio is one of my favorite characters in the show because he keeps it real. While everyone is playing 3d chess or simping for blondie, Rak just wears his emotions on his sleeve and reacts to anything and everything that happens around him.

He tries to keep up his all mighty persona alive, though. So whenever his ability is questioned, he will flip livid and call you Angry Anime Girl turtle.

Kazuma truly is the champion of the common man. And as such, he gets angry at things that are realistically infuriating. But rather a lot of yelling and maybe some death threats. But the second someone breathes in his Angry Anime Girl, she blows her top and just flat out murders them. And RNJesus really had to be on your side in order to survive her anger.

With a lot of these characters their anger is played up for laughs. Never have I seen someone be so petty over a break up for such a long period of time. And her anger towards him never really diminished, even after entire years have passed. She Amyamour burned down a mansion because a guy she Branch Warren Back for like 5 minutes got back together with his wife.

With Ikumi it comes from her extreme competitiveness, never wanting to be outdone. Especially if meat is involved. I mean, the man basically destroyed an entire city in a single wave of pure anger. He goes through an entire training arc trying just to get his anger and sadness under control.

And even then Angry Anime Girl ended up going down a pretty dark path. I mean, he works as a prison guard and just had to be stuck with the literal best prison-escapists in the entire world! Can you imagine how infuriating it is to try and do your job while four inmates keep escaping out of pure boredom? This has made him quite quick to anger. While Naruto and Sasuke were out in the world training and learning new jutsu, Sakura just finally learned how to direct her anger into her fists!

I mean, she even found the time to be angry at Naruto during the Kaguya battle. Now that is some commitment. I guess it just is what it is.

So any insult towards his waifus is bound to be the beginning of a screaming match. He also gets quite fussy when presented with mediocre anime girls, as he is a true man of culture! With great power comes a great possibility of being a tsundereor something. Tatsumaki is your typical high and mighty character with the added twist of being able to drop meteors onto the planet.

She was drunk, but you can definitely see how many aggressive tendencies are present in this character. Okay, his character does get way better after the first few episodes.

Love will make you do some crazy things. If you insult her directly she will only get mildly infuriated. But heaven forbid if you dare speak ill of Ainz, she will unleash the very jaws of hell unto your unassuming ears and will probably try to off you if she can.

On the other hand, Ainz got to pick his non-existent nose. And Albedo would find a way to get off on it. An oddity on this list, we have a rulebook rager! Yes, his backstory really puts into perspective why abiding to the rules means so much to this man. And will scoff at the very mention of trusting Aqw Daimon Class supposed criminals.

And with that type of a superiority complex, even his father becomes the victim of quite a few outbursts. When we take Sex Saiter peek behind the curtain and learn about her backstory, her cranky attitude becomes very understandable. Eva Lovia Nude always seems so done with literally everyone.

I mean, Saiki is Angry Anime Girl a god power-wise. And we all love him for it. His hatred for titans is so intense that I now feel like going into attack mode whenever I see a person over 6 feet. And for a while this is what he was Angry Anime Girl for: the fellow who really wanted to lead a one-man genocide against those derpy looking naked people running outside of the wall.

Thank god for slavery though! Otherwise he would have popped a blood vessel by now. Of course I Angry Anime Girl to have my tsundere brunette princess on here. Her entire beginning schtick is that everyone is scared of her because she keeps swinging that wooden sword around in fits of rage.

And her relationship with Ryuuji initially looked like a real-life comment section with the amount of hurtful things being said. A perfect topper. This post may contain affiliate links. If you buy something we may get a small commission at no extra cost to you. One thing that drives every story is conflict. These are our top picks for the anime characters with the shortest tempers of all time. Stay Connected.

Angry Anime Girl

Angry Anime Girl

Especially at things you never knew people got angry about. The man sees his toilet time as a very sacred thing, and if you interrupt him he will probably try to squeeze you brain out of your head. He also gets extremely angry if the other Black Bulls make a mess out of their base.

Angry Anime Girl

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Angry Anime Girl

Angry Anime Girl

Angry Anime Girl

Angry Anime Girl

Angry Anime Girl

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