Finaste Vette Romance Guide Bilder

Vette Romance Guide

Vette Romance Guide

Sex swtor sith warrior romance both vette and jaesa Bilder

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Log In Play Guude. Vette or Jaesa Romance? Strive-US I need help deciding whether to romance Vette or Jaesa. Keep in mind that the character I romance will also likely be my battle companion the majority of the time. It's awesome seeing both your jugg and your companion jumping at the same Vette Romance Guide in the middle of the mob and start tearing them to pieces.

The sounds and animations are really good. Ridickilis Jaesa has better synergy, mechanically, with the tank. I wouldn't rate Jaesa's VA as subpar though. Perhaps her lines could have been done differently but I Vettte love her voice. Vette makes the better romance partner though. Ashuranrx Jaesa lost her virginity to some Imperial soldier in a spaceport night club, Vette Romance Guide to the Sith Warrior.

And she has Rkmance habit of having sex with a random Imperial and force choke him to death afterwards. Just want to let you know, because you Romxnce catch some STDs and turn into a Rakghoul if you Guidee sex with Jaesa. Ya, dark side Guidf pretty dark. Well, I wouldn't assume that Vette's first time was with the warrior either, she just doesn't go around advertising her sexcapades.

Plus, there is nothing Vette Romance Guide with romancing Vette as a DS warrior. In fact I would go so far as to say it made perfect sense by the end of Mouse In Pussy without giving away any spoilers. It will take the smallest LS hit to alignment during the last personal quest and overall don't treat Romwnce like crap as you progress with herbut it Groping Tits well worth it to me.

You will have to sleep with one eye open though, dark Jaesa is defiantly the jealous psycho type. Yes, we don't know about Vette's sexual experience. But she is still a relative sane Roomance good Vette Romance Guide, and would stay true to the Warrior.

Jaesa was defintely a virgin during Chapter 1, because she was being overly Gjide by her parents and her parents wanted to "save" her virginity to marry a rich noble on Alderran, so the family can Vette Romance Guide into nobility. But after she went dark side, she became sexually "starved" and went night clubing in spaceports and hunting for men all the time.

I wouldn't be surprised if she had party orgies and force lightning everyone afterwards. Dark side Jaesa is like Vetye wild animal, and there is not much conversation options for the Sith Warrior to put a leash on her. If a monogamic relationship is something you want in your warrior's story, then you want Vette. If your warrior is a Swinger and don't mind your partner is a Swinger too, then you go Romacne Jaesa.

Xeperi Quote: Originally Posted by Ashuranrx. ScaryJello Personally, I prefer Vette. I love her humor, and she actually does approve of some dark side choices, but my Jugg was light, so that wasn't really an issue for me. I find her completely adorable when she gets excited, as well. A note: Vette actually IS a virgin before you romance her, because she promised her mom she'd wait until she was married. She tells you that after you marry her.

GusPorterhouse All rights reserved. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. You are about to leave this website Close Continue. The Jaesa relationship is kind of like the Mickey Ro,ance Mallory Knox relationship in natural born killers- which can be a lot of fun in its self. Spoiler A note: Vette actually IS a virgin before you romance her, because she promised her mom she'd wait until she was married.

So yeah, my vote is for Vette. Jaesa is just dull and has some of the stupidest lines when fighting this is light side Jaesa, though. I dunno dark side like "I can sense your hostility.

Vette Romance Guide

Vette Romance Guide

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Vette Romance Guide

04/08/ · All companion quests are gated by three things, your affection level to the companion, your level and where you are in the class story. Eventually you will hit the gate of your actual level even though you have more than enough affection with the companion.

Vette Romance Guide

Vette Romance Guide

27/06/ · In Chapter 9 of Knights of the Eternal Throne, as the player leaves on on the Gravestone, the player will have the option to “[Kiss Vette]” or [Inspire Vette]”. Romance conflicts: If the player chooses to romance dark side Jaesa and Vette, Vette will eventually confront the player, while Jaesa says she is open to sharing on multiple occasions. Vette will ask the player to choose if they want to be with her or etika.oneted Reading Time: 5 mins.