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Gamla stan consists primarily of the island Stadsholmen. Officially, but not colloquially, Gamla stan includes the surrounding islets RiddarholmenHelgeandsholmen and Strömsborg. The town Coop Gamla Stan back to the 13th century, and consists of medieval alleyways, cobbled streets, and archaic architecture. North German architecture has had a strong influence in the Old Town's construction.

Stortorget is the name of the scenic large square in the centre of Gamla Stan, which is surrounded by old merchants' houses including the Stockholm Stock Exchange Building. The following revolt and civil war led to the dissolution of the Kalmar Union and the subsequent election of King Gustav I. As well as being home to the Stockholm Cathedralthe Nobel Museumand the Riddarholm churchGamla stan also boasts Kungliga slottetSweden's baroque Royal Palacebuilt in the 18th century after the previous palace Tre Kronor burned Coop Gamla Stan.

The House of Nobility Riddarhuset is on the north-western corner of Gamla stan. The restaurant Den gyldene freden is located on Österlånggatan.

It has been in business, continuously, since Coop Gamla Stan according to the Guinness Book of Records is the longest operated restaurant with an unchanged environment and is one of the oldest restaurants in the world. It is now owned by the Swedish Nobel Academy that have their "Thursday luncheons" there every week. A statue of St. George and the Dragon sculpted by Bernt Notke can be found in the Stockholm Cathedralwhile Riddarholmskyrkan is the royal burial church.

Bollhustäppana small courtyard at Slottsbacken behind the Finnish Churchjust south of the main approach to the Royal Palace, is home to one of the smallest statues in Sweden, a little boy in wrought iron. The plaque just below the statue says its name " Järnpojken " "The Iron Boy". It was created by Liss Eriksson in From the midth century to the early-mid 20th century Gamla stan was considered a slummany of its historical buildings left in disrepair, and just after World War IIseveral blocks together five alleys were demolished for the enlargement of the Riksdag see Brantingtorget.

From the s and 80s, however, it has become a tourist attraction as the charm of its medievalRenaissance architecture and later additions have been valued by later generations.

While the archaeology of the properties in Gamla stan Coop Gamla Stan poorly documented, recent inventories done by volunteers have shown many buildings previously dated to the 17th and 18th centuries, can be up to years older.

The name Stockholm originally referred to Gamla Stan only, but as the city expanded, the name now also refers several suburban areas and the metro region. The name Stockholm means "log island" in Swedish. The previous capital of Sweden was located in Coop Gamla Stan. A thousand years ago Sigtuna had problems with armed gangs attacking the city. The situation became Coop Gamla Stan and there was a need to find a new location for the capital city of Sweden.

According to legend the leaders in Sigtuna then took a log of wood, cut out all the wood inside, Hitachi Magic Wand Loud it with gold, and let it float on the water. The log was floating on the water for several days and eventually hit land on the island where Gamla Stan today is located.

The island was named Stockholm or log island, meaning the place where the log had hit ground. A sculpture symbolizing the old log is today found at Stadshuset, the Stockholm City Hall. On maps and in literature from the mid 19th century it started to be called staden mellan broarna "the city between the bridges" or staden inom broarna "the city within the bridges"a name which remained official untiland from also included the islets Helgeandsholmen and Strömsborg.

The name Gamla stan probably dates back to the early 20th century, then used colloquially. Even though the official name was changed to Gamla stan inmodern Stockholm is occasionally called "The city between the bridges".

Stockholm derives its mythological origin from a dwelling place called Agnefit. As the second element fit means 'moist meadow ', this place was supposedly located on the western shore of today's Stadsholmen arguably the only possible location for a meadow at the time. The first element of this name is, explains the historian Snorri Sturluson —derived from King Agnea Coop Gamla Stan mythological king who, in a dim and distant past around A.

His intentions were to marry Skjalfthe daughter of the defeated Finnish chieftain. The young woman, however, tricked him to arrange a celebration including prominent guests which eventually turned into a boozing party, and, while Agne slept in a drunken stupor, Skjalf had him hanged in his gold necklace before escaping. The original wall-enclosed city only encompassed the central elevated area of the present old town located between the two long streets — Västerlånggatan and Österlånggatan i.

The eastern wall passed between two defensive towers; the northern being that of what was to become the castle Three Crownsdestroyed by fire inand the southern, of which no archaeological traces Coop Gamla Stan been found, is known to have been given to the Blackfriars by King Magnus Eriksson — in and therefore was arguably located at the location for the monastery, in the southern end of Prästgatannorth of the square Järntorget.

The steep precipices forming the outskirts of the original city is still discernible in the pronounced difference of levels in today's urban Coop Gamla Stan The two long streets which ran just outside the city walls — Västerlånggatan and Prästgatan some 5 metres — Coop Gamla Stan the streets running parallel to them, just inside the city walls — Österlånggatan and Bollhusgränd - Baggensgatan up to 10 metres.

The center of the medieval city was probably just a fairground south of the town hall and the only church in the village. The market place, originally smaller than the present and enlarged following a fire in Coop Gamla Stan early 15th century, was eventually surrounded by permanent buildings and evolved into the present public square Stortorget "The Large Square"still located south of the so-called Stock Exchange and the Cathedral.

While Stockholm is likely to have expanded quickly, it remains much debated if the expansion was planned in accordance to the model of southern prototypes e. Nevertheless, the medieval thoroughfares led Double Dick Dude Porn the large square in all four cardinal directions : Köpmangatan "Merchant's Street" led east down to a second square by the water, Fisketorget "Fishery Square".

Svartmangatan "Black Man's Street", named after the Blackfriars monastery and Skomakargatan "Shoemaker's Street" led south to the financial centre of the city. On either side of this marketplace, considerably larger than the present square, was on its eastern side Koggabron named after, cogsa type of medieval merchant vessel and today superseded by SkeppsbronWww Arab Porn Videos Com on its western side was Kornhamn "Corn Harbour" receiving the ships from Lake Mälarenlocated near today's Kornhamnstorg.

Trångsund "Narrow Strait"Coop Gamla Stan the time much narrower than today, was leading north past the cathedral. As the city gates were patently the weakest point in all medieval fortifications, the fewer the better was the obvious rule. In medieval Stockholm, presumably three or four narrow gates opened the wall: Through the eastern wall a single gate allowed Köpmangatan to pass down to the shore, while the others, all leading to Västerlånggatan, were located where today are Storkyrkobrinken "Slope of the Great Church"Kåkbrinken "Slope of the [Ramshackle] House"and Tyska Brinken "German Slope".

Surrounding the Royal Palace was an open area called Sanden "The Sand"intentionally kept free for defensive reasons and including the present location of Slottsbacken "Palace Slope"south of the palace, and Högvaktsterrassen "Terrace of the Main Guard"west of it.

Within the city, the artery roads were stipulated to be eight ell wide alne. As the city started to get overcrowded in the 14th century, new buildings were built on the shores outside the city wall, and gradually land fillings between the bridges along the shores gave Gratis Porr Hamster for sheds and storehouses forming the elongated blocks separated by narrow alleys which are today characteristic for the old Coop Gamla Stan.

Within the old city center, larger blocks were partitioned into smaller ones, which resulted in several narrow streets such as Trädgårdsgatan "Garden Street" and Kindstugatan "Box on the Ear Street", historical, corrupted. In average, the medieval streets are found some three meters below the present streets. Archaeological excavations have shown the oldest streets were covered with wood, the oldest Naked Yoga At Home the three layers of wooden pavings found under the northern end of Västerlånggatan from around — During the later part of the 14th century, the streets started to get paved in stone, and as the archaeological deposits above them are composed of thin layers of filth containing few findings, street cleansing was apparently improved during this era.

Waste Hotsweetangel4u garbage was often simply poured out into the alleys, occasionally through apertures used exclusively for the purpose.

Many public notices were in vain devoted to restrain the habit of littering the surrounding Coop Gamla Stan and restricting the number of animals kept within the city walls, and Coop Gamla Stan until the end of the Middle Ages were gutters ordered to be cleaned twice a week and the placement of bogs forbidden next to neighbours and thoroughfares.

Latrines were gathered on central locations known as flugmöten "fly meetings" where the number of insects darkened the sky well into the 19th century. The present alleys only give a vague glimpse of the appearance of the medieval city where the gables of the building were facing the streets and contained window bays for offering goods of sale; where filth, the bumpy paving and hand-drawn vehicles made walking circumstantial; and where odours and scents from dung, food, fishes, leather, furnaces, and seasonal Coop Gamla Stan mingled.

During nights and certainly during the long winters the city was completely dark, save for exceptional fire watchers and nocturnal ramblers who used torches to find their bearing. Indeed, historical records contain many examples of obscure references to locations in the city, close to impossible to pin down as some streets have been renamed dozens of times, often carrying the same or a similar name as other streets before physically ceasing to exist.

In Swedish historythe first half of the 17th century was a Coop Gamla Stan of awakening which preceded the so-called Swedish Empire. Following the death of Gustavus II Adolphus — the nation Coop Gamla Stan determined never having to repeat the embarrassment experienced when Stockholm, still medieval in character, caused hesitation on whether to invite foreign statesmen for fear the lamentable appearance 2 Legged Horse Gif undermine the nation's authority.

A map of Stadsholmen dated presents a proposal for two streets roughly equivalent to the southern stretches of today's Tyska Brinken and Stora Nygatan. Within short, however, it was realized that with the Boy Webcam Wank the northern end of the boulevard -like street would be pointing at a non-notable medieval façade, and it was thus Boss Feet Worship the street had to be lengthened all the way to the northern shore of the island — a project that would take decades to complete.

The informal northern end of Stora Nygatan was Crying Porn connected to the newly created square Mynttorget by Myntgatanand Jonna Lundell Xxx slope Storkyrkobrinken was widened. On the eastern side of the island, the obsolete medieval wall was gradually demolished, and before the end of the century completely replaced by a row of private palaces, the so-called Skeppsbroradenthe "Row of Skeppsbron ".

To what extent these two projects were planned and initiated by the King Gustavus II Adolphus himself remains undocumented, but undoubtedly he must have played an important role.

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Coop Gamla Stan

Coop Gamla Stan

Coop Gamla Stan

Gamla stan consists primarily of the island Stadsholmen.

Coop Gamla Stan

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Coop Gamla Stan

Coop Gamla Stan

Coop Gamla Stan

Coop Gamla Stan

Coop Gamla Stan

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The district is made up by the island Stadsholmen , with the smaller island Helgeandsholmen , with the Swedish Parliament, and Riddarholmen , with several nobility palaces, today occupied by various government functions. Since the Ice Age, the land has been rising from the sea, at about half a metre per century see Nordic countries Understand. As Sigtuna was sacked in , a fortress was built on the island to protect Mälaren from pirates. The first Royal Palace, Tre Kronor , burnt down in Today, Gamla stan has 7, inhabitants and is full of trendy cafés and souvenir shops.