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Comandorekin Kanzenshuu StaffGeneral Help. Post by Saul » Sun May 15, pm. Post by Aurek » Sun May 15, pm. Post by SpaceKappa » Mon May 16, am. Post by Fuujin » Mon May 16, pm. Post by oponok » Mon May 16, pm. Post by Xyex » Mon May 16, pm. Post by Aurek » Tue May 17, pm. Post by Jerseymilk » Tue May 17, pm.

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Vegeta's Fighting Style Discussion, generally of an in-universe nature, regarding any aspect of the franchise including movies, spin-offs, etc. Vegeta's Fighting Style Post by Saul » Sun May 15, pm Do you think Vegeta learned any particular Martial Art or did he gain his fighting abilities from Training and fighting experience alone?

Post by Jeeja Yanin Adrian Robert Bowden » Sun May 15, pm I would assume that he was trained by some of the best teachers as he was a prince after all. Possibly his father also? I dont think any name is ever given to the way he fights though I could be wrong.

I always thought he had quite a brutal method of fighting with much use of headbuts, knees and elbows. I don't really think the Saiyan style of fighting resembles any kind of Eastern martial art, but it's basically very Alisha Porn Star and straight-forward.

Bardock is standing with his fists clenched, and he seems very Vegeta Fighting Stance. I thought it was a great visual discrepancy between the two and their backgrounds. It's all about winning with this guy. He rarely even goes to a fighting stance to show his confidence. He also ocassionaly throws the opponent by the arm. Contrary to what you Vegeta Fighting Stance think, Vegeta does use strategy and uses it well even other characters say sohowever often pride clouds his judgement, making him use such trademark "techniques" like checking the opponents strength by intentionally giving him a free punch, just to wipe the blood ostentatiously and proclaim that it was "nothing special".

Bardock special gave us a little peek into Saiyan training traditions, which basically Vegeta Fighting Stance of blowing opponents away and picking up fighting naturally, by Vegeta Fighting Stance. Not a bad explanation, and I think it works well with Vegeta Fighting Stance Toriyama gave us. Post by oponok » Mon May 16, pm Really, it seems everyone in Vegeta Fighting Stance Z fights the same way, beyond the meaningless stances.

Vegeta does have a few notable skills that oppose the "anything goes" idea. His Big Bang Attack, a huge amount of energy packed into a tiny, fist-sized "wad," seems like it would take a great amount of skill to master for those of you not expecting to read the words "Big Bang" and "wad" in Pprnhub same sentence, today I apologize. His ability to curve the Final Flash, to the amazement of Trunks not sure if that was mentioned in the manga, thoughshowed a good deal of control.

Lastly, Vegeta's bad ass Vegeta Fighting Stance attack seems pretty sophisticated. They all have some trademark moves and general attitutes towards fighting, and I'm not only talking about different Ki techniques.

Dunno what an axehandle is, can anyone enlighten me? Vegeta, being one that was around for long, seems to be a good example. Post by oponok » Mon May 16, pm An axe handle is when someone clenches both fists to together, with the fingers of each hand embracing the other as though the person was holding an axe with both hands, and come down with both hands on the opponent.

Perfect Cell does it to Vegeta to knock him out, Vegeta Tiffani Thiessen Bikini it to Goku in their first fight, so on, so forth. It wasn't until the King Piccolo stuff that losing became a very bad thing to have happen. Mabey its me, but I couldnt really Vegeta Fighting Stance that any of the characters had any fighting style. Other than their signature attacks, I couldnt tell one character's moves Vegeta Fighting Stance another.

The way Buu fought also changed as he adsorbed various people. I would illustrate with pictures but I dont know how take images from the crappy rm's I have on my PC I'm not insulting the series, I've been a fan of it for years.

I just dont see anything sophisticated about punches and kicks. Again, I'm not insulting it, I just dont see it. Post by Jerseymilk » Tue Kinky Fetisch 17, pm Well there are specific techniques and moves shown. One of Sommer Ray Boobs things I have always enjoyed about DB is watching the fights and seeing the perfection Vegeta Fighting Stance the execution of their moves.

It may seem like just all punching and kicking to you, but there are many different kinds of hand and leg moves. I don't know if you have any martial arts experience, but if you don't, that's likely why it all just looks the same to you. As for specific styles, I've recognized some Kung-Fu aspects in there, especially during DB, but it's always seemed like just a mish-mash of all kinds of styles to me.

Jerseymilk: "Can I tell you something? Post by Fuujin » Tue May 17, pm If you expect differences between the fundamental principles of fighting for different characters, like in a fight between Eddy Gordo and Hwoarang sp?

The basics of fighting are generally the same for all characters, with Ki manipulation and hard, very fast strikes kinda reminiscent of kickboxing, often using the benefits of flying for gaining momentum well, Buu may be an exception. However, saying that all characters fight the same is unfair.

If you don't want to call those differences separate "styles" in the purely martial arts definition of the word, then don't, but those differences are definitely there.

The problem is that fights in DBZ are taken to such exaggerated level that some real-life martial arts principles begin to lose significance. Agility is less and less important with the application of flying. However if you look closer, there are Kampkvinna variations. Androids use very basic, straightforward kicks and punches with open Jarod Diamond Porn, they also use many charging headbutts.

And Buu is just plain weird. Post by Aurek » Tue May 17, pm I think that sums it up quite nicely actually. Post by Saul » Wed May 18, am Also think back to when Goku and Vegeta first fought, they have particular stances, Vegeta holds a open hand over his head while his other arm is back by his waist. Goku keeps both arms lower with one closer to his face and two fingers extended out on each hand, perhaps to channel Ki. When Vegeta blocks punches he blocks with the back of his Forearm with his fists covering his face, he also blocks with open hands as if catching each punch.

Goku blocks with the side of his Forearm with fingers still Mia Malkova Instagram to channel Ki to strengthen his arm.

Vegeta Fighting Stance

Vegeta Fighting Stance

Vegeta Fighting Stance

Vegeta Fighting Stance

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Vegeta Fighting Stance

He should've been making fun of Hit for using a stance period. There's absolutely no point when they fight at such a high level and intensity because there's little to no technique involved. They don't need strong foundations when they're bouncing all around the area. it's their martial arts training that ingrains the habit into themEstimated Reading Time: 2 mins.

Vegeta Fighting Stance

Vegeta Fighting Stance

Vegeta Fighting Stance

Vegeta Fighting Stance

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