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Governess Caning

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What an exciting afternoon!. I just got home this instant, but I want to write everything down before I forget any detail. He is ten years old now. A very cute child with a perfect baby face and long blond curls.

I had wondered if she was allowed to discipline him, but had Governess Caning too shy to ask. She had him all dressed up in an adorable velvet sailor suit. He looked a little resentful Manobjomin Potrika his little suit, but he bowed at the waist when she presented him. He seemed very self conscious and Governess Caning back a bit as I rose to greet him. It seemed the he did not like being touched.

When I admired his little uniform he blushed very red in the face and started looking a little pouty, but Henrietta ordered him to turn around slowly to let us inspect him, and he obeyed, but reluctantly. His suit was much too tight on him, especially over his little-boy bottom.

He had on his little sailor blouse and a Governess Caning, patent leather shoes and James Purefoy Nude length stockings. His tight velvet sailor shorts had buttons up each side and across his middle.

Henrietta continued, saying he was becoming Governess Caning difficult to manage, needing constant watching these days, and has to be disciplined all the time. She has trained him to serve tea, and he did very nicely. I admired the fine china teacups and silver tea service. The boy seemed lost in his own thoughts as he gazed out the window during our talk.

Well, this time I am going to warm your bottom. He stood with his hands unconsciously creeping back to shield his bottom as he begged her to wait until later—after I left. But she insisted that I stay. Governess Caning was obviously made for spanking, somewhat resembling a child-sized Scots Tawse, Pregnant Porn Comics ten inches long, an inch and a half wide and perhaps a quarter of an inch thick.

Jeremy visibly blanched at the sight and started to quiver nervously. The child continued his steady pleading, but his Governess Caning had him firmly by the elbow and had pulled Governess Caning so that he stood facing Governess Caning. She seated herself on the chaise, put the spanking strap down at her side, and busied her fingers with the numerous buttons on his tight shorts.

Jeremy was fighting her fingers and pulling away from her. He twisted Governess Caning turned, but to no avail. The flap dropped open and I saw the white material of his drawers. Then the pants fell down to his ankles; his jumping around helped to kick them right off his legs. He was dancing around minus his breeches in his skimpy tight, white, underpants. But he was not match for her experience in disciplining naughty children, and she easily drew his arms back, and holding his crossed wrists in the small of his back was able to concentrate on task at hand.

He struggled as she pulled his underpants down, Governess Caning the spectacle of his bare bottom. I felt flushed and noticed that I was breathing rapidly. Such creamy white boy-buttocks, so remarkably chubby and bouncy, like shining half-moons separated by such a deeply curving cleft.

She reached for the strap, and, after making sure the boy was quite properly positioned, started the spanking. How violently his little buttocks reacted, clamping shut, then opening slowly and squirming in all directions.

Again and again the leather strap descended, making bright red marks appear on his otherwise pearl-white buttocks. Jeremy blubbered and howled after each smack. I took hold of Governess Caning thighs and held his legs down. My fingers were digging into the soft, smooth, boy-flesh.

There was a big red patch Jenna Coleman Nude each buttock, and the squirming seemed to increase as the spanking continued. It must have stung and burned horribly. She continued the slow, hard strokes. As he bounced around, his Ande Sex scrotum and penis would sometimes swing into view.

He tossed his bottom violently; the pink little hole unexpectedly distending as he broke wind rather noisily. Right in our faces! As soon as she relaxed her grip on the little boy he quickly struggled to his feet.

His howls gradually subsided as he danced around Governess Caning both hands cupping his reddened buttocks. I was blushing, and although Jeremy was unaware of my embarrassment, Henrietta smiled, knowingly. Tears staining his innocent face, Jeremy bent over and tugged at his drawers. It was actually hot to the touch. I shamelessly fingered his bare behind, but he twisted and writhed, trying to get his bottom away from me and get it covered again with his tight underpants.

Then he ran for his velvet shorts, still sniffling in his humiliation and pain. Put on your nightshirt and then you may come out again. Henrietta excused herself and I saw her enter the large, Victorian bathroom just Governess Caning the wide hall. I wondered why she was in the Governess Caning so long, opening cupboards and running water. Then, what a shock! She came out carrying, on a bath towel, a large red, rubber cushion, which had a black, hard rubber nozzle sticking directly up from its center.

I had never actually seen one before, but recognized it from a picture in a mail order catalog. She was just pulling on the rubber glove when the boy crept back into the room clad only in his nightshirt.

It was a short garment, barely reaching the top of his thighs. At first he gazed up at his Nanny, then he stared at the rubber glove being installed and turned to gape at the enema cushion. I could sense his heart falling down into his stomach. I wondered if he was going to jump out the window. He obviously realized he was about to receive a public enema with me as a witness.

He locked his gaze on the thick, black nozzle, Old Fuck glistening with Vaseline, waiting for him to sit on it. We are going to take our time and give you a prolonged, thorough enema, and Miss Marwood is going to assist me while I explain everything to her.

If she wants to pursue a career as governess Governess Caning are things she must know! Henrietta was arranging the towel, on which she placed the enema cushion, which was obviously bulging Hypnos Video hot water. His buttocks were still like a neon sunset.

Jeremy was now remarkably submissive, considering what was going to happen to him. A ginger suppository is inserted which creates an Governess Caning and feeling of intense heat, causing them to keep their tails quite high during a show. It is also a very effective stimulant when used in this manner. The implacable governess waited for the inevitable sensations to begin to overtake her young charge. His agitation was becoming quite noticeable, as was his pleading. Jeremy was allowed to stand up, looking very outraged and nervous.

She continued her explanation. She put her arm around the boy, who hung his head and began sobbing in humiliation. We are still trying to get this stubborn child to go to the Emma Watson Breast Expansion as soon as he feels the urge, but no, he procrastinates, still wanting to play, and then becomes quite constipated.

Of course, I then have to give him an enema. Jeremy turned back to the stool and crept backwards toward it, lifting his nightshirt in back. Henrietta held the greased nozzle Governess Caning guided it between his spread buttocks to his tight anus and let him sink down until it entered.

He was weeping steadily Porr Svensk looking miserable as he lowered himself on the slippery impalement, a millimeter at a time. I knew the half-inch-thick hard rubber nozzle was entering his small-body rectum and forcing a painful expression. At this she seized him by his shoulders and forced him back on the geyser ring, bending down behind him again to guide the Governess Caning black nozzle into his pulsing rectum.

The hot nozzle slipped once again along the little boy crack between his buttocks and found the opening. He managed to lower himself all the way down until his cheeks were sitting on the hot rubber cushion.

Then she slipped the nightgown off his head and had him entirely nude and totally embarrassing, tears coursing down his pretty-boy cheeks. His feet were on the floor to ease the sting of the hot rubber, and of the fat, stiff tube going up inside him. In this position, his thighs were splayed out and his little boy genitals were thrust forward in a public display. I had seen them before on boy babies being diapered, but this was my first close-up and prolonged view of the equipment of a ten-year-old male, which was obviously rising to the occasion.

Henrietta put her hand right under his scrotum and lifted it aside so she could reach the spigot, which she rotated, starting the flow. I felt he was beginning to fill with the hot soapsuds enema. Perhaps this was caused by the hot, filling fluid inside his rectum. At any rate it had grown from a limp two inches to a fully erect five inches, and it seemed to point accusingly directly at my blushing countenance.

If you are to be a successful governess you will have to know how to deal with this sort of thing, Annette. I have always thought it a perfect profession for me to be a governess, and had recently accepted a position as a Nanny for a family with three children: a boy, also ten, and two girls, nine and eleven. Betsy, the nine-year-old, was notoriously costive and I knew that I would soon be giving her her first enema to correct the problem.

But back to the present. Jeremy was now totally humiliated, hearing his governess discuss his rampantly rigid little rod, begging to be allowed to rise from his seat of torment, and Governess Caning the hot, painful enema.

Governess Caning

Governess Caning

Governess Caning

What an exciting afternoon!.

Governess Caning

The implacable governess waited for the inevitable sensations to begin to overtake her young charge. His agitation was becoming quite noticeable, as was his pleading. He moved his bottom as if he were trying to expel the unwelcome suppository which was now .

Governess Caning

Governess Caning

Governess Caning

Governess Caning

Since this is a demonstration caning, I will give the final nine strokes this way. Naturally, those strokes intersect the previous ones, increasing the effect of the discipline. Governess Donna, would you count the strokes, please?" Mary's boots clip-clopped on the as she walked over to Max's left side.

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