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Shimakaze Kancolle

Shimakaze Kancolle

Porr [Model DL] Kancolle Shimakaze 艦これ 島風 (JL edit) | Iwara Pictures

Download Kancolle Shimakaze v1. Sorry I've been gone for so long. I actually started working on this Shimakaze model in January, right after my last release, but stuff happened and I had to put it on hold. It's done now tho! However, that nude edit was derived from Shimakaze v1. Tsumidango released Fanatka v1.

But now I've added a bunch of my own upgrades to the list :. Shimakazw sounds excellent! I'll polish it and we can release it together! In general, it is wisest to have each morph control the fewest things possible. I agree that the flat-foot pose created by Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Wwwxxxx better than nothing, but not great. So I redid that whole system and created new flat feet from the Ro model. The arch is pretty high but I think they're fine Edit: if you meant this model then a that's basically the same as the foot mesh that I just installed, but b I didn't actually notice this model and I should definitely merge the coat and bikini bottom into my version, I didn't Shimakaze Kancolle from Shimakaze Kancolle thumbnail that this was actually Kancolke Shimakaze Kancolle of the Tsumidango Shimakaze model.

Everything is in a different order from the Shimakaze I edited for myself so I missed it at first. Muscle memory and all that. Your Shmiakaze foot morph and other edits are certainly an improvement.

Tsumidango feet aren't going to get much better than that. I meant I don't find Tsumidango feet to be super appealing in general. They seem to work better on Ro-chan because of her dark skin. I don't think I could ever make Shimakaze's butt jiggle Shimakazee perfectly as Enako did, so maybe it's not worth trying. I've learned a bit since my first attempt, but eh I've seen some other people do the bikini bottom to the side morph, like ecchi.

My recent attempts look like trash compared to that and I have no patience lately. Please redownload v1. Cool, thanks! That was a smooth brain move, lol. I have to do a lot Shimskaze work so that my existing projects don't crash when I swap her out. MMD needs better any error handling Open "Shimakaze outfit parts.

Use the OP Outside Parent button Wc Stolica make the "skirt parent" bone in the skirt open model Shimakaze Kancolle the "skirt parent" bone in the main model. Then on the skirt open model, use the "Skirt off" morph to make the skirt invisible. When you want the skirt to open, make the main skirt invisible and make the skirt open skirt visible, Shimakaze Kancolle use the "skirt open side" morph in the skirt open model.

I am sorry it is confusing : The two versions of the skirt look the same, but the weights are different and the physics is different I deleted a joint that was holding the skirt closed. To open the shirt, you need to do something similar with "Shimakaze shirt.

Make the "upper body2" bone follow "upper body2" bone, then when you want to open the shirt you swap them and use the morph in the shirt model. Thank you for the wonderful model! I've always wanted a model like this. So I'd like to make Shimakwze suggestion, but could you please add a foot to Abukuma of the same JandJ edit?

Edit: I'm dumb and deleted all the text in my comment instead of editing it. Stuff about me being blind, adding butt physics, and Shimakaze's feet. I commented out of excitement before I had looked at anything closely. Also that panties down motion you included is really nice :.

Thank You! Thank you for all the great edits!

Shimakaze Kancolle

Shimakaze Kancolle

Download Kancolle Shimakaze v1.

Shimakaze Kancolle

65 rows · 04/08/ · Her name means "island wind." She was a unique ship with no sister ships. In .

Shimakaze Kancolle

Shimakaze Kancolle

04/08/ · Shimakaze (島風, Island Wind) is a character and one of the heroes from the Kantai Collection series who was implemented into the game on the 23rd of April, She makes secondary appearances in the manga series Shimakaze, Girl of the Whirlwind, as the titular and also a minor appearance in Kancolle Arcade. She is voiced by Sakura Ayane and drawn by Shizuma Video Duration: 3 min.

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